b strong…

our family {minus kiana – she was dancing} ran our first race together,

for a great cause.

it was so fun & i am so proud of kj and myla!

kj had his heart set on not running.

then just a moment before the race started, i grabbed him, stuck him with his buddy tegan and his dad troy…and said, “you’re running buddy! go! go! go!”

the kids’ fun run had just started and he took off with full gusto…

afterwards, kj said it was pretty hard {rumor is that the one mile fun run was actually a 1.5 mile fun run, but who knows…}

kj has a little sparkle in his eye that he’s even proud of himself!

{our handsome little miracle, reminding us to b strong!}

more photos from the race, here.

4 responses to “b strong…

  1. Awesome! I love all of the pictures. Such a wonderful cause…a wonderful family. Bronson is so adorable!

  2. that was so much fun! I am so out of shape that i was seriously sore all weekend! ha

    Bronson is seriously so adorable.

    p.s. i stole some pictures…

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