Author’s tea, eyebrows, & segways…

what a day! Myla’s 2nd grade class hosted their annual
“Author’s Tea,”
and it was so impressive! Myla wrote/created a book about “Killer Whales.” Her inspiration for this came from her desire to grow up, one day study Biology {following in her Daddy’s footsteps!}, and then she wants to train/care for Shamu. I think she’s found within herself a pretty true interest, because currently she just had a tadpole die that was almost a frog, we have a cup of dirt in the kitchen that have 2 earthworms living in it, and in my kitchen cupboard she is growing 3 butterflies… Biology could definitely be her thing!

Anyway…All of the parents are invited, and our child reads us their book and another book of Poems they have written all year. Then we switch and listen to other kids for a bit then had refreshments. I really enjoyed it…she has such an amazing teacher, Ms. Braun {who Dusty & I went to college with} and we have been incredibly lucky to enjoy the hard/extra work she puts into her class/students all year.Then, Myla had her eyebrows waxed for the very first time! She has been chatting about wanting to try this with Kiana & I for some time, and today was her day!Lastly, Brent Hekekia was so generous to bring over his Segways tonight for our family and half the neighborhood {that was at my house} to enjoy all evening – thank you Brent!!!

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