attn: music junkies

I am searching for a song. It must be super right.
Kiana and her adorable dance friend Isabel are both 10 years old. They have been performing/competing duo’s together in dance almost every year since they were both 6 years old!

This year, we really want something fresh and new.

It must be age appropriate which excludes all songs with any bad language, mature themes, etc.

I dislike super-themed little girly songs.

I’m looking for humor, something that would have a strong less-obvious story to it, but a great humorous story could be choreographed to it.

Did you all watch SYTYCD this past season?

I LOVED Napoleon & Tabitha’s work, every time they choreographed.

But, this will not be a hip hop piece like theirs.

It will be more of a jazzy/contemporary piece. For you non-dance readers, that is not modern. Contemporary is more of a newer-trendier jazz…

I would be VERY happy with upbeat suggestions…
I love old songs made new…
I love instrumental remakes of old songs…

Please suggest!!! I need the community of bloggers to throw out ideas!

Feel free to give ideas on the choreography, costumes…
these girls will be competing in the NYCDA {New York City Dance Alliance}
competitions this year and we want something completely original!

A great choreographer will be doing it, but I need somewhere to start!

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  1. k…I always think if i were doing a solo, or duo, i would do it to “Bjork”! I love her style of music and it just makes you want to dance.
    I just checked it out and i kind of like the song from her called “innocence”
    Also i love Jason Mraz, he is a little bit more Mellow!
    Check those two out and let me know, i am so excited for her to do this!!

  2. Maybe it’s too grown up but I was just thinking today how I could see someone from SYTYCD using Jason Mraz’s new song I’m Yours….?

  3. Miley Cyrus “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” (you could have him chasing her around and her singing “at” him that she just wants to have fun).

    Coldplay “Viva La Vida” is a beautiful song and could make a cool dance if done right.

    a little on the “obscure” front:

    Sigur Ros “Gobbledigook” is a great song with a lot of “tribal” beats in it that would be cool. They are from Iceland and their lyrics are pretty hard to understand when they do speak in english (which isn’t much) but the music is BEAUTIFUL…one of my favorite bands…

    these songs should be on Rhapsody to listen to…

  4. I was thinking “Shook Me All Night Long” by ACDC or maybe “Push It” by Salt and Pepper… 🙂 YOu know I suck at this… but at least I didn’t think that Isabelle was a boy—- JARED!

  5. i am going to keep thinking about this but one song that leaps to mind is “Trains to Brazil” by The Guillemots. It’s all I can do to stay in my seat when I hear it. The video is actually all kids

    it’s a very upbeat song and i can really see how it would make for some fun choreography.

    Plus super unlikely anyone will know this song!

  6. I love it when dancers are simultanieouly using the different tempos of the music. Rhianna “Disturbia” has a lot of different beats going at the same time that you could use. Good luck!

  7. you are right DUSTY, you do suck at this 🙂 At least i didn’t put forth an ’80’s metal song for a “jazzy/contemporary piece” even if i did skim over Kiana’s partners name 🙂

  8. how funny, i actually was thinking of “Disturbia” from Rhianna too. It would be a cool/different Costume piece as well…
    Have you seen the Music Video?

  9. okay….more!

    So this is song could possibly be too adult but i'm not you can see the video uses a bunch of little ballerinas. it's got a great beat and the lyrics are fun..

    Feist has like a million fun songs…sometimes the lyrics are a little hard to understand but she always has these super cute videos so i think her music lends itself to a fun storyline

    here is I Feel it All



    this one might not be good for dancing and it's probably better suited for a boy and a girl but the lyrics ARE hilarious. But maybe one to file away.

  10. My few attempts: Amy Studt’s Just a Little Girl (has a hell in the course you’d have to have dubbed.)

    One of the new version of The Safety Dance.

    Anything by Regina Spector

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