attn: music junkies

i really like some of the suggestions {K8}, but please keep them coming!

Remember, I am looking for humor…

for example, a few years ago, there was a great younger girls group who danced to “How Lucky You Are” and they started out walking onto the stage crippled over like old people with walking canes… it was hillarious… think funny.

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  1. ok i debated posting this one because it might just be too silly but here goes….

    do you know the Flight of the Conchords? They do this funny song where they just sing nonsense in french, it could be really cute to have little girls doing some kind of french theme with all these goofy props. It might also be too grown up-sometimes I am really not good at gauging this stuff. At any rate, here’s a funny vid for you to watch

    and i’m still thinking : )

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