“artsy-fartsy” pomanders

I hosted my annual GNO tonight for dinner and pomanders in my home.

Our menu was {from classy cuisine}:
pecan crusted chicken cordon bleu
green bean casserole
berry salad
orange rolls
pumpkin bars

a few of my favorite women…
left to right:Eva/Lu/me/Lucy/Caryn/Rebecca/Bethani/Daphne/Diane/
Jenn/Susan/Becky/Shannon{Ivy- out of the picture}i can’t begin to explain how funny and unexpectedly difficult it was to take a group picture. oh my. As soon as someone posts one to their blog that is better than the best one I have, I will replace it

my favorite quote this evening was from Jenn…
“I’m not creative. I’m good with numbers. You can’t be both, wait, Becky is good with numbers and artsy-fartsy!”

the party favors-
{ladies, thank you for coming. i love spending time with all of you.}

11 responses to ““artsy-fartsy” pomanders

  1. yah, your picture is so much cuter than mine. Thanks so much for the Wonderful Evening!! I think the best part was when your mom was trying to take all of our Pictures… I am still laughing.

  2. I loved this! Thanks SO much for doing it before I left for Hawaii – you’re awesome. It’s parties like these that I miss the most when we are gone for so long. I love my party favor and may even try to make some now. Crew woke me up at 3:30 and I can’t get back to bed!

  3. Delicious food, great company, entertainment (po-MAN-ders and photo shoot)–it was a wonderful night! Thanks for bringing us all together like you do. Loved it!!

  4. Thanks so much for inviting me. I always love a girls night out! Your home is absolutely beautiful. All of these ladies are spectacular. And you are the ULTIMATE host of all things fun:)

  5. Jane, Cory and I just tried the Tea and LOVED it!! I will have to try to make it on my own when i get home.
    Seriously so YUMMY! Thanks again!

    See ya tonight at the Premiere! “Team Jacob!” {we need to talk Kiana into Jacob too. hee hee}

  6. Looks so fun! Ok, I’m totally embarassed to ask but what does “GNO” and “Pomanders” mean? WAY CUTE new profile picture. Becky did a fantastic job!

  7. Gee, for someone who works out daily your ass is huge. You might want to think about working on your Big Ben sized ass instead of your arms, and avoid velor jumpsuits that accentuate your thunder thighs.

  8. omgosh,that is hilarious! you are welcome to check out the hapari.com website for closer shots of my bum… fortunately, i am very happy with my size zero arse. thank you very much. It needs no work. and being an almost 33 year old mother of four, velour jumpsuits are comfy and will continue to be worn. 🙂 i would love to compare thighs!

    for future visits to my blog, if you don’t have something nice to say, please don’t take the time to visit.

  9. Oh my GOSH! WHO in the WORLD would say that about YOU? Ok, they obviously haven’t seen you in person and have WAY too much time on their hands and bitterness in their life! I LOVED your reply! YOu are beautiful and oh-so-slim-and-trim! I hope you won’t give Anonymous” a second thought, but got a good laugh instead! 🙂

  10. Jane,

    We’ve never met, but I found you through Joey Brough who moved from our ward. You are such a genuine person, it’s so very obvious any way you slice it! I visited when you had a washer/dryer for sale, and it dawned on me later that you have Sundance listed on your blog as a “favorite” place; I have worked there for 10 years. Please let me know in the coming months if there is something you have a paticuliar love for and we’ll work out a “deal”.

    I LOVE your blog…….

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