Artists in training

Some of you may remember back in September when I did a post about Kiana & Myla in their first year of art school. Well, my girls are starting to bring home the masterpieces! I am anxious to start framing some of their art and displaying it around our home. They spent most of the Fall doing sketches/pencil drawings to learn many of the basics. Now they have started using pastels. They both really enjoy going to class and when they come out of class they always wish they could stay longer. Here’s their artwork!


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  1. Wow, that’s awesome artwork. How fun that you are going to frame them and put them in your house. I would too. Good job Kiana and Myla. And yes to answer your question we will be returning to Utah in April. Yay!!! Lance is looking for a job… Keep your eyes and ears open for him. Let me know if you hear or know of anything. His major is International Business. Thanks a bunch!

  2. HOLY MOLY! They are so good! Those cute little girls are so creative, and what an amazing Teacher they have!
    Good Job girls!!

  3. Jane, what the hey!?! How are you? I’m glad you found me in this crazy blogging world. It’s fun, isn’t it?

    Great to get an update on your cute family. I didn’t even know you had another baby…crazy! Where does the time go?

    Hope you are doing good. Take care!

  4. You super blogger – I am trying to catch up on all your posts. What talented artists you have! It’s amazing that they just started in September.

  5. Those are amazing! You have some super talented kids! Jenn just called and gave me your email address so I invited you to my blog-thanks! 🙂

  6. I can not believe they can do this. This is amazing. I can’t even draw a stick figure, and when I do it is all un-even. This is amazing!

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