are you kidding me?

i’ll admit it.

I am a walking weather report. really. Any time of the day, any day of the week, you can ask me what the weather is going to be like…in my city or the city I am traveling in or the city/country I am about to go to…I will know…the weather report.

maybe i’m a weather geek.

I have to know. The weather completely sets the schedule. How my kids need to be dressed, How I need to be dressed, what shoes I wear depending on how warm my feet need to be, do I need an umbrella in my handbag?, Can we stop by the park…?

and looking at the next ten days,

NINE out of TEN predict RAIN, SNOW, and COLD.

I am sick and tired of the COLD!

I want warm,
warm air,
warm sun,
bike riding,
windows open,
doors open,

just kinda warm would even be nice…

{Jenn, please be enjoying Hawaii!!!}

9 responses to “are you kidding me?”

  1. It snowed today – IN ELMA!!! IN MARCH!!! At least that’s kind of the norm for Utah – for us this is absolutely ridiculous. By now, rain or shine (mostly rain), we should be enjoying balmy 50+ weather.

    And it snowed. Grrrrrr.

  2. I am obsessed with the weather too. I just click my dashboard on the MAC a thousand times a day because it’s constantly changing and I NEED to know. I also have Orem’s weather on there so I can compare the two places and either be glad I’m here or wish I was there! It’s good to know I’m not the only weather geek out there.
    P.S. Right now I’m glad I’m here. I hate snow.

  3. It is crazy!! I can’t believe all of the snow I am watching come down right now! Lucky Geoff and Jenn 🙂

  4. Utah spring is so finicky. There is almost nothing in between freezing, blowing spring days and the June heat. Hang in there – the heat is just around the corner 🙂

  5. No doubt! Utah spring is so annoying sometimes. But man do we love our SUMMERS!!

    I too am a weather geek. You should see Vegas weather this next week~75/75/78/80/80 We are so out of here! haha

  6. I do exactly the same thing. How funny! You will be happy to know that ABC 4 has given a slightly better forecast. I don’t know who will be right, but I’m in denial that it will be this bad.

    I’m with you. I always tell my hubby that I want to live in California or Texas. I’m a heat girl.

  7. I am enjoying Hawaii, but would be enjoying it more if you were here! 🙂
    Sunday we went on a 9 mile walk with our boys – Mexican food on the beach, playtime at a huge playground, and ice cream on the way home. We were gone for like 5 hours and were remarking how there is no way we would be ding that in Utah. Looks like we were right! Miss you guys terribly – do NOT miss the weather!

  8. as my mother keeps reminding me when i call her feeling blue, “you are no good at winter.” I miss warm weather TERRIBLY.

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