the Maori name for New Zealand, land of the long white cloud…

The 5th and 6th graders combined this year at Ivy hall and did their annual program together. This turned out to be such an awesome experience for Kiana. Her teacher, Ms. Shumway is from New Zealand so not only for the program but all year Kiana has been learning about her heritage. Dusty’s Dad {a.k.a. papa} is from New Zealand, and we hope to make a family trip there with him this next winter. New Zealand summer. Dusty and I {pre-kids} went to visit the Northern island of New Zealand and the 15 aunts/uncles Dusty has who reside there with endless cousins. Our trip was about 12 years ago… yikes, I hate saying things with dates like that! It’s high time we go visit again!

Kiana and all of the 5th/6th graders did a fabulous job performing. I found myself teary-eyed more than once. It was an accumulation of emotions, but mostly love and an overwhelming appreciation for such a beautiful culture. And a beautiful daughter.

KJ took most the pictures for me while I video-taped it, so excuse the first one that seems a bit crooked – I think he was warming up…he whispered to me at the beginning, “Mom, where’s the scope?” in reference to his x-box skills, he meant ZOOM!

{I will share those videos in a few more days…no time now!}

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  1. Whenever we see the shows about the Maoiri people all tatooed and sticking out their tongues I think of Dusty and his heritage and he makes sense to me in a whole new way! 🙂 I love the Polynesian backgrounds – such beautiful people.

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