‘anthropologie’ dress for sale…

are you looking for a great dress that can be dressed up or dressed down?

i found an adorable one for you!

one of my blog readers is offering a great price for the dress you see {on me} below…i also have it pictured, here.

This blog reader works in the business of fashion overages/cancelled orders. with the deflated economy, anthropologie didn’t need all of these, so now, she is selling a whole bunch of them at a killer price!

This dress originally retailed for $158.00,
and now it’s marked down to $59.00!

The tags are still attached, the brand is, ‘viola.’
the dress is made from natural fibers, 90% wool, 10% cashmere.

I like the dress all by itself, but you could add a belt, cardigan, lots of fun leggings, boots, flats, you name it – the dress is sooo versatile! it’s a great color, i LOVE charcoal grey! the detailing on the neckline is very charming. i am not typically a fan of wool/cashmere mixes, but this dress {i’ve worn it TWICE now, in the past couple of weeks,} is really comfy…not itchy AT ALL!

It’s offered in sizes XS-XL

{i am wearing an XS in the pictures, and it fit very comfortably, slightly loose.}

For sales in the U.S., there is no shipping charge!
For international sales, shipping fees will be added.

if you are interested in this dress, but would like to try one on first,
and you are an acquaintance of mine,i have a size run here at my home…
by appt. you are welcome to come try them on to see which size fits best!

If you are interested in purchasing one {or more} of these dresses, at this great price,

go to paypal, here, and enter this email address:

*you will need your own paypal account, and in the comments, mention that you saw the dress on ‘see jane blog’ for the price i have listed! *

happy shopping!

13 responses to “‘anthropologie’ dress for sale…

  1. katie…
    i'm a mix of 0/2's, but most often in an average dress size, my closet is full of 2's. this dress definitely runs a bit loose/bigger, because typically the small stuff at anthro, my kiana can wear an XS, and there's no way she could wear an XS in this dress, it would drown her!

  2. Oh my! This is the dress you wore at church last week! I might just have to get this! I love! I might need to come by to see what size will be best…i'll let you know though!

  3. I'm usually a 6/8 in a dress depending. Do you think I should go with a Medium??? It is so cute and such a great price. No one here will have it!

  4. I would like an appointment to come try it on. When?
    Text me. Sorry about little Sela being sick, yuck. But I'm totally with you on the cute raspy voice, love it!

  5. So stinkin cute! What is her return policy if it doesn't fit? If I am a size 6 do you think I should order a small or medium?

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