another reunion, this time with family…

we have had such a great time meeting up with friends & family lately…

we love visitors to utah!

meet the Bartholomew’s, minus a few of them…

this is Dusty’s aunt & uncle, nadine & david.

they have six girls and two twins boys, all adults now.

all dusty’s favorite cousins. {sorry to offend any relatives out there.}

i mentioned here that Dusty ran away from home when he was sixteen years old.

not his finest hour.

but can you blame him?

he was being raised on a ranch in southern nevada & this beautiful family {remind you: his FAVORITE relatives} lived in laguna beach, california.

who wouldn’t wanna run away to laguna beach when they’re sixteen years old?

at the end of march we were able to spend an evening with them at one of our favorite restaurants in park city. kiana, and myla are now very fond of these cousins and really hope to visit them again soon, in laguna. where they all still reside.

the ‘bart’ girls spent the evening telling kiana & myla funny stories about their daddy & encouraging them to grow-up & be independent women. amusing & inspiring conversation.

love you bartholomew’s & hope to keep in touch more often!


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