another day

in the life of sela…

our little sparkles likes to change her clothes. shoes. accessories.

all by herself.

at least a dozen times a day-{i only photographed her from 10am-2pm…}


in our first home when kiana was four and myla was two,
they went through this stage of girldome together.

i actually put a LOCK on their closet door due to the constant outfit-changing.

not this time around, we’ll just let sparkles keep changing those clothes, all she wants, one day at a time…

9 responses to “another day

  1. oh she is so cute! I totally know this stage, Olivia is actually doing it right now! Sometimes it's just 3 or 4 different swimsuits a day, it's craziness!
    I don't mind, but sometimes she comes out in the most Ghetto outfits!

    I love how you don't seem to mind with the youngest. haha

  2. i love that you are taking pics of it – Tristan has been like that for years and we've taking "tristan fashion" pics of her and we are going to make a little book of all of her "looks"…i'm like you – leave the closet wide open and sit back for the show!

  3. How cute is she! A girl after my own heart. I can't seem to carry just one handbag in a day. I see she thinks the same of skirts, shoes and well, everything. Made me smile. I love that you're letting her be who she is.

  4. Oh she is so darling and has the cutest clothes! How fun to be able to watch her throughout the day and spend time with her!

  5. Egads!What a cute little monkey she is! The first picture cracked me up on the stairs with her hands on her knee and her legs crossed primly,with a demurely dropped head…..what a little lady! I also loved the one in the closet, yanking panties with one hand while pointing to the next ensemble with the other. So fun!

  6. I miss Sela ):
    Thank goodness for your blog! I don't know what I'd do. I'll have to come visit soon. In the meantime, give her a big hug for me… maybe 2 (:

  7. She is so dang cute and BIG? How does this happen? It feel like they just grow up over night. Love your blog. So much fun and happiness.

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