…an escape hatch of laughter.

my friend suez, a.k.a. spicy, planned a going-away-sleepover-party for me with some of our dear girlfriends, this past tuesday. we stayed here for the evening, had a delicious dinner here, went to see this, and stopped by here for a final sugar high…

well, it was our final sugar high

till we finished off two boxes of chocolate covered cinnamon bears somewhere around 2am. and some cake bites.

the entire evening completely blew my mind, my sleep schedule, and my waistband!

lots of delicious food with lovely ladies! {Ahem!}
…including a double chocolate milkshake that shan & i shared!

these ladies are quite adept at striking a pose for the camera. ::winks::

there are stresses in life, there are challenges, and there are girlfriends who create an escape hatch of laughter…

and love.

thank you, and much much love, m’dears! you will all be missed. greatly.

{however, i know our next sleepover will be in boston!}

*and, the oscar goes to:
our husbands! who had a total of twenty-eight children to take care of while we were out. they covered carpools, homework, extracurricular activities, dinner, and i’m positive they were all in bed on time too, right papa’s?!?


{all photos by me.}

5 responses to “…an escape hatch of laughter.”

  1. So fun to relive it! I feel lucky to be associated-and giggling-with such great women! Lots of love to you, Jane. You will be missed dearly!

  2. Loved every minute! And every last morsel! (It was a wonderful way to screw up my metabolism!)

    (My only regret is missing out on BOTH of the group shots! Darn! Sorry I was late to dinner!)

    Can't wait for the next sleep-over… Boston-style!

  3. Um, can we go back, PLEASE!!!! That was such a fun day/night/morning….I can say morning since we didn't go to bed until 4

    What are we going to do without you Jane??!! Come to Boston I guess 🙂

  4. Jane!!!

    I am a total stranger! AND I FREAKING LOVE YOUR BLOG. 😉

    I may be strange but hopefully not too weird. Mmm-kay. I have been perusing your blog for far too many hours and am obsessed with your purse in this post. (the tan leather one with a strap…) If you have a spare moment, would you tell me what brand it is??



    P.S. You’re totally darling!

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