altitude design summit 2011, review…

wow. i have returned with fresh new motivation towards my future with graphic design and blogging. the alt. design summit was a sort of melting pot for all areas of art/design/social media/bloggers—graphic designers, artists, writers, interior designers, magazine editors, event planners, fashion writers, all showed up to share everything they possibly could about their areas of expertise. the best part, i met so many people.

the summit gift boxes – retro stainless steel lunch boxes filled with all kinds of goodies. sela has already placed dibs on the lunch box, and it now totes barbies and their gear around our home.

day one: a few of the sessions i attended included panels with bloggers covering topics such as: “growing your community,” {i was so impressed with Danielle from ‘the jealous curator’} “advertising beyond the banner,” {can i say, maggie from ‘mighty girl’ is so full of personality – i loved her the instant i saw her, then she started talking, and i loved her even more! check out her mighty life list, she’s got sponsors to complete the list!}, “blogging personal stories,” {nie nie was great!}, and “taking it offline – events and social media,” {love love love jordan’s events}.

{my friend caroline and i at lunch, check out her darling blog – armelle jewelry.}

thursday afternoon the keynote speakers at lunch were seth aaron and mondo guerra , both alums from project runway.

then a fabulous party at lamb’s grill.
good eats, good drinks, and good live music.

{images via ALT Design Summit 2011’s photostream at flickr}

at dinner, caroline and i shared a table with bev, emily, and christine.
all three lovely ladies from arizona.

day two sessions: i attended, “balancing social media & your real work,” “big creative companies & social media,” and “the art of the pitch,” where i learned truckloads about blogging ads and ad agencies {panel included heather from dooce. dude, she is awesome.}

heather armstrong. {image via dooce}

the second lunch keynote speaker was DJ spooky, very cool guy who describes how music, art, and literature have blurred the lines between what an artist can do and what a composer can create, take a look…

DJ Spooky At TATE Modern London 2010 from In The Not So Linear Universe on Vimeo.

my favorite speaker during the entire summit was tina from swiss miss. she was the closing keynote. her personality is vibrant and loving which compliments her simple, fresh graphic design style.


mini parties!

sponsors hosted gatherings in little luxe suites. each mini party had a unique theme with food, drinks, giveaways, and fun for the entire night…

i have pictures of three out of the five parties. all photos were taken on my iphone, so-not-the-best-quality, and i kept forgetting to take pictures!

sponsor- kate spade hos
ted my favorite mini party – it was darling!

brook and summer from the ‘girls with glasses show’ blog {and here} were the hosts –

p h o t o b o o t h

{old & new friends: vivien, melanie, marta, caroline, danni, moi}

(images from the kate spade {photobooth} party, more on flickr)

and, lastly, i chatted with gabrielle from design mom. i praised her for her genius-mom-designer ideas, the summit, and wished her all my best on her voyage to france.

more… new-blogger-friends-to-check-out…

susan from freshly picked, danyelle from dandee-designs, annie from annily green, alisa from modern palm boutique, amanda from {re}cycled consign and design, christine from boston mamas, stephanie at stephmodo, janie at we heart paper, natalie from the downeast blog, and emily from the san franista. {these are only a few…}

sadly, all good things must come to an end.

10 responses to “altitude design summit 2011, review…

  1. {jane}
    awesome re-cap…you did a great job linking all the people ~ it provided me hours worth of perusing and learning.

  2. holy crap! looks absolutely fantastic! I love that you are now the "real deal" blogger. 🙂 this is totally for you!
    I can't wait to be inspired!!

  3. great recap!

    i may need to steal some pictures since i am terrible at remembering to take them.

    and, it really was so fun to get to hang out with you at alt! especially the kate spade party! too cute, huh?! we'll definitely have to go next year!

  4. so lovely to meet you at alt! what a fabulous recap, and boy is this fun getting to know your 'new to me' blog as well as so many of the others. endless hours of fun searching. i can not wait for next years alt!

  5. Jane! It was so wonderful meeting you at Alt last week. I loved your business cards (that paper is my favorite) and I still feel like I know you from somewhere. Anyhow, I love the photos of you and that striped party hat. Too cute!

  6. jane.. i am so happy to have met the blonde darling at ALT. you are so fun to be with and have such a cool blog. am off to browse! happy to have a new friend in you.

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