alt. design summit…

more about ‘altitude design summit’ here and here,
{alt. banner created by marta, here.}
while i am gone,
read this,
and leave a comment, telling me what you think.
{i found it interesting – read some of the comments too!}

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  1. not gonna lie here… i kinda like living in my bubble here in "happy valley!" hehe

    my life is good~and i'm not on any medication!!

  2. Hmm interesting. I'm not morman nor do i know much about your religion, but i like your blog. I never really thought about yours and others blogs that way and i still don't after reading that. Yes, your life seems pretty awesome so maybe some people just get jealous.

  3. i have suuuuuuch mixed feelings about this article. I love that she finds blogs making motherhood sounds awesome-i totally do too. But I get frustrated when there is an implication that one cannot be religious and a feminist, or stay at home and be a feminist. Or that all mormon women fit one mold. The article seemed a little condescending and then the comments section reminded me that comment sections can bring out the worst in people. And maybe articles like this just remind me that I don't totally fit with the feminist movement, nor do I totally (or even mostly) fit with the mormons!

  4. {jane}
    ignore the ugly fodder and this is what's left of her post…a huge compliment! we could use a whole-wide world of these type of values in today's society. i think ya'll are knockin' it out of the park ~ own it. the blogs are hugely uplifting~they ARE inspirational!

  5. I hope you had fun at the 'summit'! That article was fascinating, and not at all surprising to hear! I ONLY read blog that inspire me! & apparently I'm not the only one. Nobody wants to read negative complaining. Life is hard, but you don't have to blog about it. Maybe there is a lot of inspiring, creative, people (Mormon or not), down in these here parts! Huge compliment to all the Mommy bloggers, cause Lord knows that ALL women need some 'uplifting'. (Dying to hear/read about the summit btw).

  6. after reading that article all I can think is it's great publicity for our religion.. It put's the Mormon mommy's out there. I have lived in the easy coast and Mid west, and people never beileved that I was Mormon, cause they said I did not look like one.. Well what is a Mormon supposed to look like? So I think all the "mormon" Mom blogs are great, cause it helps people understand us a little better.

    And yes, I only want to read blogs that inspire me and help me grow as a person. And yours does that. Of course we ALL have trial's and bad days.. and not so much fun stuff to blog about.. But I think blogging about that stuff helps us and people can relate.. We are Normal.. 🙂

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