allow me to introduce you…

to Annie.

Thank you facebook for once again reconnecting me with someone I probably would have had very little chance of stumbling upon myself.

The Valentine girls and I grew up in Greys Harbor County together, a.k.a. the great northwest of Washington State. In the past few weeks I have made it a weekly habit to read Annie’s often true and/or hilariously well written newspaper column, and her daily stories on her blog. The newspaper column is found in our hometown paper “The Vidette,” but she gives you the link to find it from her blog. Most of her stories apply to all us women all too well!

Also, her sister has a fabulous blog found here!
{sorry to place you second Jenny…I’m not playing favorites in any way!}

happy reading!

4 responses to “allow me to introduce you…”

  1. Yeah, that’s the problem with being Famous Annie Valentine’s sister – she always steals the attention. I’m totally used to it by now. Besides, no one can compete with the ridiculous things that happen to her. Seriously. She’s like a magnet for blogworthy disasters.

    And thanks for the “fabulous” link love! You’re awesome.

  2. Oh man, I keep getting pressure to get on facebook! I still have a lot of friends from forever ago that I’ve been unable to connect with. I don’t know if I can keep up with my blog AND facebook!

  3. Jane – you haven’t been blogging much lately and I miss all you fun entries. You’re probably swamped with starting school and keeping up with your family put post more soon 🙂

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