all you need is love…

what do twelve year old girls & their besties do on a friday night?

well, my twelve year old along with her best friends attacked the younger sis’s room with ‘myla‘ & ‘we love you’ signs as a surprise. {and, of course, they color-coordinated the signs to her room!}

if you know my myla, this is totally her kind of thing.

she LOVED the surprise! and once she walked in her room & discovered it, she spent the rest of her friday evening playing night games & hanging out with the ‘older girls’ who are so sweet to her…


a couple nights later…

myla returned the love to kiana

{have i mentioned…”it’s so much fun raising girls!”}?

7 responses to “all you need is love…”

  1. Oh my gosh how cute is that. And um Jane…you painted that owl didnt you! Oh I so love that. I need an owl like that for Mias room. Anytime you feel like you have too many owls….you know who..whooo would love one. 🙂

    Love ya.

  2. Aww, so sweet! Now I'm dying to know where you got that blue ruffle-y purse in Kiana's room. You Rhodes' girls are very stylish.

  3. oh my, i love those two! Could they be any sweeter to eachother… seriously? i love them.

    Kiana is such a wonderful example of a big sister. Muah!

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