all i want for christmas…

sitting on santa’s lap was serious business for KJ.
He needed to make sure santa knew what he wanted.

the list was:
a big race track
with 9 hot wheels cars {all in ONE pack.} that’s what he said.
more transformers

Myla asked for “anything” and then after a little more persuasion for suggestions from santa she came up with “a snowboard.”

{hmmm, santa hasn’t been able to convince her to take snowboarding lessons this year and did not really plan on this…}

kiana. she was a good sport to sit on santa’s lap long enough for me to take a picture, she did make one request, “a new digital camera.”

where is Sela’s picture on santa’s lap? she still has not warmed up to him and won’t have anything to do with his lap or the rocking horse she could have sat on…but she did accept her lollipop and ran far away from him when the group photo was over.

2 responses to “all i want for christmas…

  1. So Sweet!! Well if Santa needs to get a great deal on a Snowboard, He should call Cory and get hooked up!

    Love that Sela ran away from him, so cute!

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