“All Humans Have Butts and Weiners”

So KJ has been on this love of Dad’s real life anecdotes lately and wants stories about everything. This mornng was no different and he wanted a story about Rattlesnakes. In the middle of the story I was explaining how Rattlesnakes coil up and shake their tail with rattles to warn you not to come any closer. KJ said something about HIS rattles to which I promptly teased, “You have rattles on your tail KJ?” KJ was too smart for that and said, “Dad, all humans have butts and weiners.” I said (in the midst of Mom, Kiana and Myla laughing), Mom, Kiana and Myla don’t have weiners KJ.” To which he immediately answered… “I mean REAL humans.”

14 responses to ““All Humans Have Butts and Weiners””

  1. Hahahah…Too Cute! I love this age, when they are so inquisitive and want to know “Why””Why””Why”!!

  2. Alright…we now have the issue resolved. I’m no longer Kajsa, Troy Blanchard, or anonymous…I am however a “real human”

  3. Yea for Troy AKA ‘real human’ getting his own blogging identity!!!

    Your boy is sooo funny! It is funny what little kids think about anatomy! Our little friend, who only has sisters asked me why G has a ‘tail’!!! Her mom loved that one!

  4. Jane please hug KJ for me, for being so dang cute. I needed a good laugh today. Oh my that was sooo good. My little silver has passed the fact that boys and girls are different, he is just obsessed with the boob thing. Giggling he always asks me why I hide them and boys dont have to worry about it. Aggghhhh. Fun to see all the new pictures. Soon I will eventually post again. Good to see ya at Daphs house, like always you looked beautiful!

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