adorable furniture – great prices

Don’t miss this!!!!

My hair stylist, Talia, is selling furniture here.

It’s really cute stuff, at a great price!!!

3 responses to “adorable furniture – great prices

  1. This is so random, but I have been blog hopping and came across your blog and thought I would leave a comment because I am friends with Talia and just saw that awesome furniture on her blog and then I noticed your picture from you guys at dinner at Happy Sumo and I realized we were at dinner there that same night we were sitting at the table right next to your booth when you took that picture! Small world!- or maybe just Utah Valley!

  2. K I have been such a bad blogger friend but your blog is always so fun and interesting. I love the pictures of Sela at her first dance class and I can’t wait till I get to teach her!!!

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