activity days

with the kids back in school, i am being much more organized with activity days than i was over the summer…

In the past weeks, I’ve had tons of fun with these girls.

One day, they each made dinner to take home for their families…they were so proud of themselves, and I was so proud of them!

On another afternoon, we planted grass seeds as hair in munakuppi animals…

KJ participates in activity days whenever he is home. Sometimes he thinks it’s too girly and bails to find a friend to play with!
the munakuppi’s are sitting in my kitchen window, KJ already gave his a flat-top. Myla is waiting for her pets “hair” to get longer so she can put them in ponytails.
This past week, I started to teach them needlepoint, and they will work on this for the next couple of weeks…
i feel really spoiled because it is so fun for me to do all these activities with Myla. But most of my entertainment comes from just listening to these three little girls chat with each other during the activities! It’s hilarious…

6 responses to “activity days

  1. your activities are so amazing! They put mine to shame. Although i do have 10-11 girls, so it makes it hard to do any super cute activities.
    I love it when you only have a few girls and they LOVE to come!

    This is SO your calling! I want to be in your activity days!

    p.s In case your wondering why i haven’t had the girls coming over, it’s because Nancy has them until i get back from Hawaii! I am taking a leave of absence. haha

  2. Very cute projects! How come I always get stuck with the stinky(and they really do stink) cub scouts?
    Hey is there a day or time better than another? I don’t have you number so I’ll have Rob get it from Dusty.

  3. what fun projects!

    i got your email…i would LOVE to! i will see you tomorrow night…still trying to find a sitter. argh.

  4. I wish I was 9 so I come over for activity days. I could definitely use a few cooking lessons from you. Lucky girls!

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