activity days

i needed to visit an art gallery for extra credit in my drawing class, so this week the activity day girls and I headed to the –

uvu woodbury art museum.

conveniently located near Nordstrom at University mall. If you have not been there, and you are interested… it has it’s own entrance, you walk in the doors, to the left, and go up the elevators to the second floor. {{{it’s free!}}}

I think the girls enjoyed it {i did!}, one of the artists work on display right now features paintings of fairtytales. But, only half of the gallery is currently open because the student showcase begins April 3rd and is in the process of being arranged and hung on the walls.
this was my favorite piece of art, I now need to come up with a two-page opinion of this piece. anyone want to help me out? I just liked it…that simple!then we made a pit-stop to krispy kreme for st. patrick’s day donuts! two of the girls had never gone inside and watched the donuts being made, so it was fun to share in their excitement!

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  1. Jane,

    One of the things I enjoy most about your blog is that it never fails to inspire me to remember to have fun with my kids.

    Trying to find a balance between the special needs/medically fragile and the typical of my other kids is something I really need to work on.

    Thanks for the inspiration. I think I will sit down and plan an outing or two for my whole family.

    Tammy and Parker

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