activity days

they finished their needlepoints! the girls worked so diligently on this project, we spent 4 weeks/about 6 hours or more stitching…
My friend Lu did the cutest project with her kids, and we put the idea to use today…button bookmarks! The girls made at least 6 {or more} each. Then they boxed up some of them for their families for Christmas presents…
after our bookmarks they made rudolph the red-nosed {or green, blue, yellow} reindeer treats. This idea also comes from the ever-resourceful Family Fun magazine…All you need is:
one Nutter Butter cookie
a pretzel for the horns
chocolate chip eyes
M&M nose
use white frosting to stick on the eyes & nose…ta-da!

4 responses to “activity days”

  1. Wow, you guys are ambitious! You’re probably the funnest Activity Days Leader that I know of. I bet these girls just love coming over to your house! Needlepoint is tricky isn’t it? If they can do that you could probably teach them to knit as well. Scarves are easy and fun too:)

  2. I LOVE all the fun ideas you always have on your blog. You are incredible! And, such a spectacular Activity Days leader.

  3. Wow! What cute projects!I just got the same calling so please keep posting all your fun ideas! I have 11 girls so I have to be creative.

  4. I love those button bookmarks, they would be the perfect gift for my 1st graders! Are there buttons on the bottom end as well?

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