about 12 years ago…

dusty bought me my first cell phone.

i tried to find an image of my first Nokia cell phone, but google images is disappointing me! i can’t find anything like it! just imagine a mini black brick.

i was so excited to mess with all the settings {i have always loved technology}…

i was so anxious to set a picture for the background, etc.

as i scrolled through the very limited pictures offered on the phone, i found a cute little green fern-looking plant.

remember: i grew up in washington state where ferns come in millions in everyone’s yards!

dusty came home from work that evening, and with zeal i stated,

“hey babe, look at the cute plant i set as my wallpaper on my cell phone!”


grabbed my phone, took a one-second look at the picture,
and died laughing.

there you have it.

pretty obvious i’ve never tried pot.

i was so clueless.

one of my finest blonde moments…



i was reminded of this story today as i browsed ‘urban outfitters’ online, and noticed they have a new ‘home grown’ section, in which they offer a fake pot plant.

i’m not interested in the fake pot plant, but i would love this, these, or these!

5 responses to “about 12 years ago…”

  1. Hilarious. I would have done the same thing. And your yard looks beautiful! I love all the blossoms!

  2. Hee hee! We had olive green carpet in my Office in our old home, which had a ferny/leafy pattern on it. Someone once said they looked like marijuana leaves and so after that, that's what I always thought of. Maybe this fake pot plant could be an accessory in that room! I'll let my neighbors know where to get one!

  3. SO funny! I am shocked that out of the very limited selection of pictures offered, one was a pot plant! What is our world coming to?

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