a wedding~reunion

lisa, one of the sweetest girls i will ever know…

i met her when we were freshmen together at SUU {southern utah university in cedar city, utah} back in 1994.

last week, she married paul, and they are the most darling couple.

her wedding was the ‘suu of the 90’s’ a.k.a. ‘alpha phi’ reunion of the decade!

so lovely.

this first picture is me with my roommates from my second year at suu. {suzie/ericka/lyndie/moi} these girls deserve something amazing for living through that year with me. it was an exciting one, to say the least.

it was so fun to spend some time with them, mostly laughing. don’t you just love re-connecting with dear friends who never-ever change. love that.

the second picture is moi with a chunk of alpha phi sorority sisters. i pledged ‘alpha phi’ the middle of my freshman year at college. i lived in the ‘sorority house’ my first summer at college, then moved into a separate house, the ‘unofficial sorority house’ my second year of college with the first group of gals.

awe, the memories.

did i mention yet, i love these girls…

they are and will always remain some of the most genuine & inspiring women i know.

lisa & paul had their wedding reception at the university of utah’s ‘museum of fine arts.’

it was the most gorgeous setting.


lisa is so beautiful. paul is so charming.

i wish them both, all the happiness in the world.

lisa & paul, surrounded by alpha phi love…

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  1. What gorgeous women! Thanks for posting photos, I've been stalking Facebook for glimpses of the wedding of the century. I feel so bad I missed it and the big reunion. Only Lisa's wedding will every pull that many of the us together.

  2. I wasso sad to miss the wedding… if only I wasn't moving across country this month. Thanks for the pictures!

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