a tribute to america, our home

was the theme for our kids school spring program this past week.

kj is such a funny kid. oh my my. We can’t help but smile when we think about him. Dusty and I continually caught glimpses at each other across the row of seats in the audience {sela and grandma between us} as we laughed at this little guy. He is so NOT interested in performing. NOT at ALL. maybe my three girls sucked every performing gene out of me because kj missed the boat!

maybe he yawned way more than he sang. so, it’s only appropriate to share this picture-{hehe!}
myla’s class did awesome! they each dressed up in different costumes to represent the different nationalities and cultures that make America what it is.


myla wore her shirt from Mexico-
kiana’s fifth grade class had lots of songs and dancing in the program, between their class and the senior choir. i had to laugh a little at this girl, at times, she totally had a look on her face like she was waaay tooo coool to be on stage performing…ohhh, such is the life of a fifth grader!between laughing at my kids and loving every minute of the program. i caught myself tearing up a few times too. Mrs. Kirby, the school director gave a little speech about how great america is. especially at times when we must endure with one another, like now, in a troubling economy. The quote was, “America is great because it is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.!” Alexis Charles Henri Clérel de Tocqueville (1805-59)

we are so blessed, we live in such a remarkably beautiful land. we share so many freedoms with our friends, family, and neighbors. it’s truly amazing.

here’s to hoping america is always good.

{at the end, the kids all sang a very unique version of “i am a child of god,” and as soon as I figure out how the freak to put my new video camera videos on youtube, I will post a little bit of it….coming soon!!!}

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  1. I LOVED THAT QUOTE! I can't remember it either, but it was perfect!
    Seriously we (cory & I) Laughed so hard when he was performing, it was AWESOME! Love that kid!

  2. I love America! Very cute kids. Your son looks how my boys look in their performances. It made me laugh.

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