a spoonful of sugar.

my mom is coming from utah to visit tomorrow! this is her first time to visit us since we moved to boston, and the kids are already fighting over who gets to share their room with grandma. {i’m pretty sure she’ll choose to sleep alone in a guest room!}

with her visit, i am preparing for mother’s day this weekend. something put together or made at home is my favorite, so here’s one idea i’d like to share with you. it’s inexpensive + takes hardly any time at all to assemble.

last weekend i was walking through sur la table when i spotted all their wooden spoons. i became quickly obsessed with their bamboo spoons. i couldn’t help but think how cute it would be to pair these with a little treat to create a spoonful of sugar! mom gets a little treat + a cool wooden spoon!

i recommend giving the woman in your life her favorite treat – does she love M&M’s? peachy O’s? black licorice? {that’s one of my weaknesses!}

also, any size spoon will do! i like this mini one for only $1.95 or go bigger and give her a big spoonful of sugar! to wrap the spoon + treat together i used clear drawstring bags i had on hand. if you have ziplock bags at home, that would work great too. just cut-off the zip, and tie with any ribbon.

i was going to make a free printable for this, but decided i like it without. sometimes, less i more – let the spoon speak for itself. a spoonful of sugar is a very versatile gift – this idea could also work for a teacher’s gift, party favor, so many options!

i have one more original mother’s day idea to share – come back later this week to see it!

for other mother’s day ideas, check out my mother’s day pinterest board. xoxo.

{photos by me.}

6 responses to “a spoonful of sugar.

  1. this is so cute Jane! I love your creativity! how fun that your mom is coming and that you will be together on Mother’s Day!

  2. Oh I love this idea! I’m still working out mother’s day gifts… So thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  3. Hi Jane:) I just have to tell you how excited I was the other day, when I clicked over from the Stakers blog to find yours wasn’t private anymore!!! I was so sad at about this time last year when you had decided to go private, as I had LOVED reading all your inspiration you share with everyone!!! It’s been so fun this week reading about your adventures and unique ideas;) I felt like I was catching up with an old friend, even though you don’t know me:) (I’m really not a stalker, I promise;) So thank you for making my week:)

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