a scarf with a story…

this little girl of mine is obsessed with fashion. so audrey is an obvious icon – when we spotted this book, it was a must-have, must-read. and ever since we read it the first time, sela instantly became more interested in her little red scarf. she is a girl after my own heart.

do you notice when your kids are inspired by trends? i have two kiddos that adore fashion, and two that could care less about what they are wearing. it’s a good balance.

{images by me}

3 responses to “a scarf with a story…”

  1. oh my gosh, she is just so cute, in every way! I haven’t seen that book before, but I’m excited to now. I love finding good books!

    i also love her yellow moccs!

  2. too adorable! my five-year-old would love that book. she’s very like-minded.

    (by the way, how do you pronounce sela? just a blog stalker, but trying to mentally pronounce things correctly as i read.)

  3. @MrsDub… Sela pronounced as the first two syllables in CELEBRATION… from whence her name came! Sela’s favorite knock, knock joke is…
    “Knock, Knock!”
    “Who’s there?”
    “Sela, who?”
    (singing loudly…) “CEL-E-BRATION TIME COME ON!!”

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