a perfect day.

our memorial day included…

good friends + good food + sunshine.

it was perfect. while our loved ones who have passed on, were in our thoughts.

i used my new polaroid camera for the pictures, i’m still adjusting to the settings. anyone else struggling with the settings on this camera? it’s hard to waste the film when you gotta pay for it!

7 responses to “a perfect day.

  1. You love the flat brim!! Its even your profile picture now… 🙂 It's only taken a year for you to like it…

  2. Oh my! That was bitter-sweet seeing so many familiar faces in one post! Your parties are always the best! Not to mention EPIC in the Duckworth house!

    Fun, Fun!

  3. Hey Jane… just wanted to send your way, a very much 'thank you'! So thank you for the lovely comments on my art! You are too adorable.

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