a night on the town

with our big girls…

miley cyrus & dinner @ cucina tuscana

{it was a late night for myla, she crashed on my lap before her dinner arrived.}
kiana & valtor {the owner of cucino tuscana, we’re very fond of him.}

the concert was awesome, my fave moment was when miley rode the motorcycle above the crowd {see picture above} and sang, “i love rock ‘n roll!”

and dinner was delicious, as expected.

it’s so fun to take our girls out on the town. of course, it’s more fun when moosey stays awake all evening.

5 responses to “a night on the town”

  1. What a fun night! It looks like Miley gives quite the concert! You and Dusty look fabulous – looks like you are staying true to the no sugar thing!

  2. I love miley cyrus! How fun to just go with the big girls. I totally remember that owner when we went with the mortons, he is SO Italian. haha

    how cute is Myla, she was partying down a little too hard at the concert. 😉

  3. I love how you do such special things with all your kids. What a fun night for all of you! You are gorgeous and I love your shirt too!

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