a new tune…

I love love love this song…
“Dancing with myself” by Nouvelle Vague,

The group is an Indie-Pop group I like and I stumbled upon this song they sing about a month ago.

Kiana loved it, too…so, she chose it for one of her new 08-09 dance solos. Christian Denise {one of our very admired dancers} choreographed it for her a couple weeks ago before he left for his new career in Chicago…

Can I just say, the dance is DARLING! I can’t wait to share it with you by video, ahhh, in about 6 months.

Till then, enjoy the song on my playlist!

4 responses to “a new tune…

  1. Love that song! I can’t wait to see the Solo to it!!
    Did you sign your girls up for 2 Rock climbing camps, cause i swear we are signed up with Myla in August?!

    I LOVE the pictures of Caryn in the Volleyball shots. hahaha
    That is one of my favorite things to do in the Summer…Volleyball at the Rhodes!!

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