a morning party

a.k.a carpool.

Jenn, Shannon, and I have carpooled our kids to school in the morning for this entire school year.

Let me be more clear – Jenn, Shannon, and Dusty. I would say Dusty does the majority of the driving. He loves it. I haven’t asked the kids, but I think they love it too.

Since Dusty’s been busy this week, I took my turn of driving. I was sad to think that these kids may not be going to the same school soon so I wanted a picture to remember the daily event.

although, I should also clarify. These are calm pictures. In my car we watch a movie, and chat on the way to school. fun, but fairly calm.

In Dusty’s hummer, from what I’ve been told, the kids get a rather vibrating ride to school via the extra speakers in the back and probably don’t chat too much because they can’t hear one another! Although Dusty has said he quizzes them on their spelling words, etc. during the drive. He always knows who has studied and who hasn’t… It’s common for me to receive phone calls from Shannon or Jenn trying to repeat lyrics to a song that their kids have heard in his hummer because they are requesting the CD! That’s my man, occasionally promoting a few questionable lyrics to youngsters! “hey, if it’s got a good beat…he doesn’t always notice WHAT the songs is actually saying!” hehe.

What an incredibly good-looking group of kids!

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  1. Some of my best memories as a kid were the ones spent with good neighbors/friends. How fun it will be for your kids to have memories like this.

  2. Hey… JUST FOR THE RECORD: I am very mindful of what lyrics are playing when the kids are in the car. Jane is just teasing me because when it is just us together and a questionable song comes on I forget there are “Virgin Ears” in the car and don’t immediately change it.
    BTW, I think Shannon was asking for this song: Boston’s Favorite for aobut 10 months now… Lil Wayne, A Milli (edited) because of “THE BEAT” 🙂

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