a-MAZ-ing, the talents some people have…

for example, kj had his first pinewood derby race in january.

then in february he received a custom-built display plaque from his tiger cub scout leader to take home & set his pinewood derby car on. so, he can take care of his car, and cherish the memories a whole lot longer.

kj also recently had his ‘blue & gold banquet’ at which i was able to attend with him. During this time, i witnessed my first awards ceremony. {Dusty usually takes kj to tiger cub scouts, not me.} In addition to the badges & beads the tiger cub scouts are already receiving, kj’s leader carves all these little wooden trinkets for everything the boys do! Each boy has his own string, hanging from their pack display. Each wooden trinket represents an activity, each one is made from a different type of wood & it states somewhere on it, what type of wood it is…

truly, kj’s tiger cub scout leader, br. clegg, is unreal.

so talented. so giving of his time!

like i said, a-MAZ-ing!!!

*thank you, clegg family, for being so generous.

These tiger cubs will never forget how wonderful you are!

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  1. Oh i remember all those. Brother Clegg is amazing and you know he's hardcore scouts when his whole basement is all about scouting!

    Love that Pinewood derby holder. We have boston's from the last few years with him!

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