a hip handmade holiday

happy monday friends! today, i am sharing with you a gold-mine of holiday crafting goodness. were you a seejaneblog reader back when i made the capiz-shell inspired chandelier??? my friend susan peterson and i hosted the craft night for that at my home in utah, and finished somewhere in the hours of 2 or 3am… anyway, that same gal + another crafty friend of mine Alison have partnered with another crafty friends husband {are you following me?} and put together the bomb of all holiday books!

a hip handmade holiday, by the craft pack! clever. these gals are so clever. i have been watching behind the scenes for the past six months while this was being created, and some of us have been waiting to find out all the details of their secret projects! — we can all see it now! for only $10.00 you can buy the online book, and flip through those pages for all your holiday needs.


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