a great city deal…

if you are a local utah county resident…

this is an incredible deal!!!
the 4-pack of all passes includes: UNLIMITED
seven peaks, trafalga, orem owlz games, utah flash games, and the old liberty land –
that is now the trafalga fun park…

FOUR season passes, to all FIVE things…
for $139.95, that is $32.50/person… say wha???

for 2011.

{just purchased two sets for our family!}

run, don’t walk!!!

4 responses to “a great city deal…”

  1. we have 7 peaks passes and have been going to liberty land on them too, so do i need to get seperate ones if they are letting me just use my 7 peaks pass?

  2. hey Amy… I need two because there are four to a set…with six of us, we are buying two sets to get eight then we're keeping one around for a nanny and selling the 8th pass, it's extra…


    make sense???

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