a fun-filled Saturday

Myla performed at the mall yesterday, it was the cutest dance – “Orange colored sky.” and it was really fun for her because they had a HUGE crowd/audience. The mall was packed with holiday shoppers and it made me so grateful [hallelujah!] to not be out shopping in the madness but rather enjoying the entertainment… The boy in their jazz company is Ezra, Myla’s ballroom partner ~{remember to turn off or pause Jane’s Groove at the bottom of the blog before watching}

After her performance, Myla & KJ rode on Santa’s Christmas train – Then the Sosa family invited the girls to go see ~
I was jealous that they were seeing this movie without Dusty & I because the previews look SO funny, so we are going to for sure take KJ this week… But, THANK YOU Sosa’s for iviting Kiana, (Kiana’s friend Sydney,) and Myla!

Dusty and I had a REALLY fun evening after the busy morning events – Troy and Daphne gave us 2 gift certificates for Christmas for an evening Helicopter tour of Salt Lake City. It was AWESOME! You fly over temple square, hogle zoo, christmas street, and the city is SO pretty! It was a very clear beautiful night with the mountains snow capped. The take-off and landing were the weirdest/coolest, and Dusty was starting to feel mildly motion sick [Dusty had rheumatic fever when he was about 12 which gave him terrible motion sickness for life] by the end but he stuck it out and we both loved it! THANKS AGAIN, Blanchards! Plus, when we got up to the “Million Aire” airport where the helicopters take off from, our friends Dan & Caycie were there waiting for their ride/tour, so we ended up going together – they also had gift certificates from T & D…After our helicopter tour, we met up with the Morton’s @ Cucina Toscana, an Italian restaurant on Pierpont. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was awesome – very NYC/European style. It is a new Rhodes favorite. Then we went to see ~This was the most intense movie I have seen in a LONG time, wow. Plus, seeing Will Smith’s body is always a BONUS!

Busted! While I have been posting this blog the past hour, Sela has been hanging out with me. Sitting on my lap, tearing apart the garbage can under the desk, etc., etc. Then she got bored with me and moved around the corner to the bathroom. I knew she couldn’t do much damage because there isn’t much in that bathroom. But, while cupboards were banging, I finally decided to peek around the corner on her and this is what she was up to –
a “little” toothpasteand sisters toothbrush

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  1. Laughing out loud at Sela! She is so dang cute. What a fun idea – the helicopter ride! We totally want to see I am Legend. We are missing out on so much – at least Hawaii is worth it!

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