a few things…

i am signing off for the weekend…

we are preparing for kiana’s birthday party, an evening of the oscars, and a few things in-between all of that!

for kiana’s big night,
i’ve decorated our chalkboard wall with a little festive fun…

{sela was my li’l helper…}

i found the adorable party garland, here, and i purchased this too! i can’t wait to see how great it looks, all hung up! pre-party excitement, woo-hoo!


3 responses to “a few things…”

  1. ok, that garland is darling!

    i might have to get some!

    and, i'm the same! i love a good party!
    good luck!

  2. I don't even know where to start! I only have like 5 min before I have to leave and quickly scrolled down your blog. A few of my favorites – Kierstin won a prize? Yeah! I think Sela needs an agent. What a ham and so strikingly cute! Baseball science project – must be Dusty's influence 😉 – very cute. And wowza yowza – Kiana and Myla are BEAUTIFUL! They were always cute but are really starting to grow up and are just turning out so pretty! Loves to all Rhodes – miss you guys!

  3. oh my, i can't wait to hear about Kiana's birthday bash! Sela is an absolute doll!

    When can she play??!!

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