a few things.

first, my email went berserk last week and i’m trying to figure out what emails went missing. i know i had received a few fort entries for my new series, one was an adorable backyard fort – if this sounds like you, will you please send me those emails again? jane@prolook.com thank you! so sorry for the inconvenience.

second, i am sick. again! i have this serious pride in the fact that i rarely get sick, i passionately believe in the vitamins i take – yet, in the past six weeks this is my second time to be fighting a nasty bug. because of this, as soon as i am feeling better i want to do a cleanse and dive back into my workout/healthy routine. i’ve never done a cleanse. i tried once, but miserably failed. i want something that is about 3-5 days – any recommendations? if i’m feeling better by monday, next week is a good week for me to do this. i have a whole foods & trader joe’s right on the street i live on, so if you know of a cleanse that can be purchased at one of those places, even better!

third, seejaneblog is venturing back into accepting sponsors! if you have a shop, company, product, or site you would like to promote here on seejaneblog with your ad, a post, or a giveaway – email me: jane@prolook.com – lets chat.

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  1. Hi Jane : )

    I hope you feel better asap! I sent you an email a few days ago telling you all about how much I like and appreciate your blog. I hope mine wasnt one of the lost emails. If it was, I’d just to let it be known that you have reached my inspiration and I thank you for waking it up. Consider yourself invited to our home in California if you are ever in town.

  2. I have been on the search the last couple weeks for a good cleanse as well. Let me know what you find! My friends do the GNC one but they do it for 9 days which lets be honest….I will barley be able do to one πŸ™‚

  3. I have used Innerlight’s Green Drink for years…always feel better when I’m on it…packed insanely full of all the stuff we’d never think to eat plain, wheat grass, alfalfa…etc. They have you start with a cleanse for a week with the drink. I’ve never done the full cleanse, just used the drink. BUT, it is an awesome product. Good luck!

  4. Hi Jane, sorry to hear your feeling down πŸ™ I think a cleanse is a great idea, I LOVE to cleanse! I don’t know if you’re still a low carb kinda girl but I have to say that this fruit cleanse I did rocked my world. Eat only raw fresh whole fruits (tons of them) as well as veggies if you want. Only no avocados, oils, olives or overt fats of any type. The theory is that because your fat intake is so low you can (and should) eat loads of calories and not gain weight. It worked for me. Plus you feel like bouncing off the walls with energy from all the carbs (I did anyway) And there is no more superior form of nutrition than living foods still in the from God made them in (fruits and veggies). There are dozens of other reason why I’m obsessed with this diet/cleanse, too many to leave in this comment lol, but let me know if you’re terrible intrigued and I’ll send you an ebook. Get better soon!

  5. Hi Jane, I think eating healthy and exercising is huge to have a strong immune system. A few months back I did a cleanse for 3 days and really liked it. They say the best time to do a cleanse is with the changing of the seasons, so maybe once spring is upon us you should try one.
    This is the place I used for my cleanse, it’s local for me, but they do delivery I believe anywhere. Their website is super informative and it helps you pick the right cleanse for you.

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