a few of Jane’s new favorite things…

check this out, here.the new Shabby Apple for babies!

I LOVE these

I really MUST buy these for all 3 of my girls {swimming in our new backyard pool & photos will be unstoppable!} click here.

Last but NOT LEAST, my new favorite little treat, which I have shared so generously with everyone lately…This hits the spot perfect for me while eating very low-carb…every two is only 2gms sugar, and they are so dang good! I’m not an overall “Altoid” fan, but Starlee introduced me to these, and WOW. I already LOVED {truly an understatement} chocolate dipped cinnamon bears but I can’t start eating those and stop myself from eating an entire box, so these little mints are perfect! The only problem, they are difficult to find. So, be on the look-out at the checkstands when you are shopping. I’ve had luck at Ream’s and Rite-Aid. They also come in dark chocolate dipped peppermint and ginger. I’ve tried the Peppermint, blah. And I’ve heard the Ginger are nasty, so scout out the cinnamon ones!

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  1. You are so the up-and-coming personal, private-shopper! You have such GREAT taster and are always up on the latest, greatest everything. It is such a talent! If you ever decide to open a specialty Boutique, I will be the first to sign up for your Mailing List! 🙂

    Loving the cinnamints by the way! Thanks! 🙂

  2. I have to admit, I haven’t been doing so hot on my eating. I am having a hard time getting into a gym routine, so I keep putting my “good” eating off. My jeans are getting tighter and tighter. I’ve got to get on it! I’ll have to try these. It is the sweets that I can’t seem to kick.

    You seem so motivated. How do you do it. You’re awesome!

  3. Those look really good! I have to say thank you for the heads up on the Edamame. It’s awesome! So much protein, I’m trying the higher protein thing. Not necessarily low carb but higher protein ratio. Anyway love the stuff!

  4. OK…Everyone!!! If you want motivation, you just look at Jane’s HOT Body and then you are in Full gear to eat Better!!!

    I ordered the vineyard Dress for Livie it is so cute!! I am going to have to try those Altoids, i need something to snack on that isn’t MINT…This looks like it won’t make me sick too.

  5. Woo-wee! I love checking in and getting to read a bunch of posts – a fun surprise!

    I am with you on the cinnamon bears – I treated myself to almost a whole box on valentine’s! I have seen the chocolate altoids at Costco here but it’s hit and miss with them sometimes.

    I agree that you should open a boutique some day. Although then I would have to go get pregnant again so I have an excuse to buy all the baby gear!

  6. Good thing I’m not a dark chocolate lover! I’m glad you found a sweet treat you like!

    Love those dresses! I’ll have to make a purchase!

    You asked about my camera. I have a Canon digital Rebel XT. It’s a digital SLR. I have loved it! I think I’m ready to upgrade soon though!

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