a disgruntled princess-fairy-ballerina…

sela was in two preschool dance classes this past year at center stage.

each class was a combination of ballet, tap, and jazz.

last saturday morning, very early, she had dress rehearsal for both of these dances to be in the matinee show that afternoon.

about 6:45a.m. i tried to wake sela up…

sela’s response,
i’m tired! i don’t want to wake up!”

i snuggled up & whispered to her,
sela, today is your big day, you are a princess & a fairy ballerina…remember your beautiful costumes! you get to wear them today! i’m going to put make-up on you & lots & lots of sparkles…we can curl your hair!”

sela was not interested.

so, i picked her up & took her down for breakfast. sela was not interested in eating.

so, i put her in the bathtub, and started blow-drying, and curling her hair.

sela’s opinion,
i hate my hair like this! this is ugly. i don’t like this!”

i put her make-up on,
she was slightly pleased with the make-up,
i have never looked like this before! i look like a mom!”

{lets hope my make-up is usually better than hers that day!}

then we were off – to dress rehearsal,

the five minute drive went something like this…

i don’t like my hair. i don’t like my hair. i don’t like my hair.
{sela rubbing the curls out of her hair, patting them to flatten them out, or make them disappear all together.}

we arrive to dress rehearsal.

sela is on stage.

the setting…

purple tu-tu dress.
dancing to this song.

sela is in the middle and as you can see in the picture below, sela stood there the entire dance, fingers in her mouth…




this was a typical expression of the morning ~

her second dance, was a huge production of fairies, butterflies, apples, all kinds of princesses…it is adorable!

she was a “fairy princess,” and they had little planter boxes that they stood on, sat on, danced with…

still not happy.

big yawn.

when sela finished her rehearsals & pictures,
we took a much needed break!

we went to the opening of this new toy store. met bex & max for lunch. went to cheer for kj at his most exciting baseball game so far…

then we returned for the big show!

sela was a new girl! {retail therapy works at age three!}

i’ll admit, after the rough morning, i had no idea how sela would perform…

but she did great! she did both of her dances 100% better than she did at dress rehearsal, and she was tu-tu cute!

after her second dance, daddy gave her flowers…

and she was the happiest princess-fairy-ballerina in the world!

{this pic & many others this week taken on iphones, not the best quality…}

6 responses to “a disgruntled princess-fairy-ballerina…

  1. I have to laugh because my Ella would be the same, exactly! Okay…I need a close up of her shirt in the last picture! 🙂

  2. So glad she performed when she need to! She seems so young to be memorizing routines – good for her!

  3. oh my, that is so stinkin cute! love her pouty look and the yawn was the best!

    Could she be any cuter??!! no joke!

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