a change is gonna come.


many things are happening around here. many good and exciting things.

there is the obvious, it’s finally feeling warm in new england!!! the sun shines past the clouds and rain about four days out of seven! wahoooo! the Red Sox have had the most exciting start to their season this year, and we hope the goodness continues. there have also been some unexpected changes in our life lately. because of all the snow days we had this winter, our kids will be in school till june twenty-SIXTH and shortly after that it looks like this family of six will be setting out on a new adventure. there’s been a change of plans, instead of staying here in boston and continue to indefinitely settle down, we are packing up and relocating out west again. we have heavily considered southern california {specifically laguna beach where my husband has family} and utah. as of today it looks like utah is pulling in the lead! it looks like it’s about time to find a moving company for our belongings and another auto shipper, while we’re at it! the best word to describe this move: bittersweet. we will miss so many amazing people here in massachusetts, but we also know we are returning to what feels like home to us. yes, there are many good things to come…

i am planning to share more of these things with you as they draw closer and utah, we are excited to call you home. again. ahhh… i just said that out loud!

*picture: the organizing and packing is underway. we have just over seven weeks till we leave.

14 responses to “a change is gonna come.”

  1. Please come be my neighbor in south Jordan. I’ve always wanted to be your bestie! 🙂 good luck on your new adventure!

  2. So happy! I’ve loved following along on your Boston adventure and can’t wait to see what happens when you follow your hearts out west. Love, Lindsay

  3. Congrats! I have to stay I had hoped So Cal would be your next stop so I could befriend you in person. I’ll have to stay blog friends for now. 😉

  4. Oh my gosh….oh my heavens….Jane seriously!!!!!!
    Utah misses you!!! We miss you!!! So exciting!!!!
    Good Luck, be safe…and I will be welcoming you home
    With Open arms!!!
    Love you!!!!

  5. What a wonderful and bittersweet announcement indeed! I have loved living through you and your family with my own dream to live in Boston. But, I am happy to hear you are excited about your new adventure. I will have to say that I would love to see you move to So Cal…just so I selfishly could see what amazing things you would do there! But…if it’s Utah, they are lucky again to have you and your beautiful family 🙂 much love! xoxo

  6. Yea! Utah will be happy to get you and your darling family back. Now maybe your Kiana bear and my Kobe bear will meet someday. ; )

  7. You have just made the entire state of Utah ecstatic! Love you guys. Good luck with the move and transition. I’m sure it won’t be easy to leave Boston. I know it has a piece of all your hearts

  8. get outta here!!! oh man. massachusetts will be sorry to not have you guys anymore. and selfishly, i hope i get to hang out with you before you leave though i imagine that will be increasingly difficult as the move nears! 🙁

  9. Wow! Bittersweet would indeed be the word for that. Utah will be happy to have you back! Good luck with yet another move! Now I’ll have to play some tennis with your tennis star! 🙂

  10. First off- Happy Mothers Day from China! I wanted to give a quick shout and say, “SWEET!” we can’t wait to have the Rhodes back in Utah to hang out!

  11. Having moved my kids around while they were growing up, I think Utah was the right decision! However, I was hoping you would’ve said Sequim!

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