…a bowl of cherries!

hey friends. i am so thrilled to share one more idea for mother’s day, like my spoonful of sugar idea,
this one is also simple & sweet —

i have always been a fan of these latte bowls at anthropology – for only $2.50 or $5.00 a bowl you can fill one with cherries for mom! she gets a fruity treat + pretty bowl to keep.

if you can’t find cherries in season where you live {i found ours at whole foods}, i also filled a mini latte bowl with chocolate covered cherries {from trader joe’s}. i am fond of quiet-cleverness – a bowl full of cherries! so i didn’t want to add a tag that stated the obvious, but i still wanted to create a mother’s day card to go with these. once i started, i had to create two! so, i made one free printable including both cards, you can print|trim|fold|color it up|make it your own|use! download the mother’s day cards here. write a note to your momma on the inside, you make my life a bowl full of cherries! everyday with you is a bowl full of cherries! may your day be as sweet as a bowl full of cherries! – then you take credit for the perfect pun!

i am giving these to a few women in my life. i passionately believe there are teachers, neighbors, babysitters, friends, a variety of women who will have a positive influence on my children, whether they are actually mother’s or not. i will be celebrating them this weekend. cheers to motherhood – sisterhood – and cheers to every woman i know. embrace who you are – life is a bowl of cherries!


{photos by me.}

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