a birthday party, for myla.

we had a little party for my myla, just her closest friends and family. myla is something special – she is not fond of too much attention, or anyone causing a fuss over her… she never asks for gifts at christmas or her birthday. which makes celebrating her all the more fun, because she’s so easy to please!

this girl is a creative soul who likes simple traditions. so i mixed a few of our family traditions with a few extra artsy details to plan her party.

to start, i hired a local caricature artist, mike horvath to draw portraits at her party. this was a lot of fun. the kids all loved it! mike also worked with me to design her invitation. i gave him all the details i wanted included to match her party theme. i also took pictures of myla at home sitting on a large birch stump, and sent them to him as a reference. i loved how they turned out! ta-da:

birch-inspired birthday party custom invitations via seejaneblog {some information omitted.}

then, the party! we have a family tradition: whenever we order take-out, we dine on the floor. so, this is what we did for myla’s party. in-between dinner, and caricatures, we also did karaoke! another big family favorite. and! myla’s two requests: texas cake, and a fire.

it was a cozy way to spend the evening celebrating thirteen years…

birch party details via seejaneblog

dining on the floor birthday party via seejaneblog

dining on the floor birch style via seejaneblog

party sodas via seejaneblog

caricature birthday party via seejaneblog

sela taking her turn at karaoke

karaoke party

{husband and son are growing out their hair…}

chasing that neon rainbow karaoke

myla on karaoke, happy day

cherubs fireplace

yarn ball party hat, my girl is thirteen via seejaneblog

party favor jars, wrapped with a yarn ball via seejaneblog

cheers to thirteen, once more, myla-moosey. so proud of you, love you most, xo.

(oh. my… goodness……. i have two teenagers!!! advice is welcome.)


party details: triangle garlands were here, attached to a birch stick hung with fishing wire and push pins to the ceiling. | confetti system ornaments as cake toppers here. | triangle-blanket for floor picnic {on sale!} here. | all birch logs/stumps purchased here. | birch paper straws can be found at paper source stores, and here. | circle, and triangle-shaped felt garlands, here. | all yarn pom pom balls, made by me. tutorial linked here.  {yarn-ball party hats coming to my shop soon!}    |    lil chevron bags here. | food ordered from here. | texas cake recipe here.

{photos by me, Jane Rhodes}

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  1. So, so, so very fun!!! What a lucky girl to have such a special party!! ps…Ella wants me to cut her hair like Sela’s! I’ll keep you posted on that adventure! 🙂

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