72 pieces of double bubble gum…

that’s how many pieces the Red Sox manager Terry Francona chews
during one game.

can you imagine?

my jaw muscles would just give up and quit working if I even tried to chew that many pieces of gum.

all that chewing, was worth it tonight.

there was dancing, whooping & hollering at the Rhodes home!

everyone chant-
lets go red sox bum-bum bum-bum-bum

6 responses to “72 pieces of double bubble gum…

  1. Such a cute shot of KJ!

    And WOW! What a RedSox comeback! It was Cy’s Birthday and we watched both the “big games” with the Hirsche’s… We are convinced the Sox win was his Birthday gift… Too bad his “other team” (the Cougs), had such a blowout. We thought we might have to order him some anti-depressants when THAT game was over! Thank goodness the Sox pulled off a win! 🙂


  2. I didn’t see the game but got a detailed description from Troy. We both agreed there must have been some craziness going on at the Rhodes house 🙂

  3. How funny! I talked to Shannon yesterday. Her baby is so cute! I didn’t see Jenn though. Good luck at the game tonight:)

  4. What a game! It helped to make up for the disappointment in BYU! I think the Mortons were at the game. That would have been awesome!

  5. I’ve thought of your family the whole series. I’m sorry that they lost! After they did I said to Chris, “they are sad at the Rhodes home tonight!”

    Hope you’re recovering.

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