is it the change of seasons?
i have not been feeling like myself lately. really dragging. and I’m definitely getting my daily dose of caffeine. It’s hard to wake up, Dusty and I are really rushing the morning routine to barely get the kids to school on time. {big apologies to jen and shannon, we have carpool indefinitely so their kids are late too!} then i manage to come up with just about every reason possible to procrastinate my morning work-out. if i get the morning work-out done, then there’s reason to NOT shower. seriously. not shower? that is totally unlike me. i love to get ready, i enjoy the entire creative process involved. i love shampoo. i love choosing what mood i am in and what outfit displays that mood. and i’m willing to skip the whole process these days. ugh. then i am spending so much time wondering what i should be doing, looking at my handy-dandy to-do list that i get so much joy from to put little check marks by things while I finish them off…nope, i can’t even decide what to do! {sigh} but, i am loving the creativity kick i am getting from making flower hair clips. hello! a mother of four can’t spend that many hours a day making hair clips! i have gone to the craft store twice since starting the hair clips and purchased newer-even better supplies. i am so in love with the new clips {they have Jane-style all over them}, I don’t even think the old clips are nearly as cute! now, to top it off. i have been eating sugar around the clock for days. it is going to stop tomorrow morning. i know, i know, trust me, i know, sugar does bad things to me. besides gaining weight. i like to be in control, of all that’s possible. my body and mind are two things i really like control of. sugar=no control. i’m more emotional. i was sitting at the front of a line in an intersection today, and a man’s car quit right in the middle of that intersection, while he jumped out to push his car by himself, I watched 4 other guys within seconds from nearby run to help him. i nearly started tearing up just thinking about what a great place i live in, and how friendly and service oriented everyone is. hello! tears? overall, i am just not feeling like myself lately. there are about 10 projects underway at our house and i am just walking around looking at them, not getting them done! the weather the next 4 days is beautiful. i am going to go on runs, work-out, shower. find my energy. my kids are home from school for fall break, which is extra awesome and we are going to build forts, ride bikes, and play till we are exhausted. hopefully i will be on a normal day.

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  1. Jane – I love your blog! I found you though a “friend of a friend” (actually my sister’s friend, Jen Naperski). I hope you don’t mind me commenting and saying “hi”. I love it when people find me and comment instead of just “blog stalking” me 🙂

    Anyway, this energy thing happened to me a year or so ago and it was my thyroid that crashed. I didn’t even know a thyroid could make so many things out of whack. Just a thought. Have a wonderful UEA weekend!
    – Kellie

  2. Hey Jane, that doesn’t sound so fun. I think everyone cycles from time to time. I’ve definately noticed it around the change of season’s myself. I’m sure you’ll be feeling yourself again in no time!:)

  3. Honey, i know it’s from the sugar!!
    I have been eating the same way-not so good, and i even said to myself “Time to take control” It is so hard!

    I am definitely coming over and forget making them, i will just buy the new ones! haha
    Seriously i am in love with them, and they are so much cuter than the ones that i usually buy!

    Hope you get some energy soon, i will send some your way.

  4. HI Jane, it’s NIkki. It could actually be your thyroid. Maybe you should have it checked! My thyroid has never been the same since chemo, and your symptoms sound very much like it could be that. However the season change doesn’t help either! Regardless I am sure whatever it is you will get your groove back in no time! You are the amazing Jane! 🙂

  5. Yuck – the change of seasons definitely gets to me sometimes (well, not anymore as we have only ONE season here).

    Oh, I hope you get re-energized after the kids’ fall break. If not, maybe you need a strong dose of some Phoenix sun 😉

  6. i think it might be going around. ….. i found myself at the doc the other day for the same reason, and i NEVER go to the doc. i dont even have a doc, i didnt know who to go to. I never get sick and even if i do I dont let it stop me from doing anything! The doc did blood tests for thyroid and such, and everything is normal. who knows. maybe i might just have to admit that i just need a break. it is so hard for me to do that. i hate doing nothing. maybe i just need a kick in the butt….meanwhile i am still trying to find my grove.i am so glad you can share your feelings with others, maybe i am not going crazy like i first thought. good luck to you. hope you feel better.

  7. to everyone, i have been in the doctors office as of lately, it’s not my thyroid…i’m definitely not pregnant. i’m pretty sure it’s the sugar, and the fact I have to accept the reality that once in a while even the super-ambitious have down times…maybe. 🙂

    still open to other ideas!

  8. Yea, it’s definitely a sugar time of year and it’s only going to get worse! I’m feeling so much better now that I’ve been off sugar (for 2 days and counting!) Are you getting enough vitamins? You should load up on you omegas, that always helps me.

  9. Ya… Bjorn told me I’m hibernating because winter is coming… i cannot lay off the sugar either! (and no i’m not prego either!) 🙂

  10. hey lady, sometimes amazing women just plain old have times when they feel a little off. i say don’t be so hard on yourself and you’ll get your groove back soon.

  11. Jane, it is called life! You know, highs and lows. Just ride it out, you will find your self in no time. Good luck.

  12. Oh, sweetie… so NOT fun to feel “out of it” and ‘off your game”. Everyone (even the BEST of us over-achievers!) have those days (weeks, months…) They always make me feel grateful that they are few and far between for me and give me empathy for those who feel that way often… blech~

    Sorry you have been feeling icky… Hopefully it will pass soon! (If not, I know a GREAT little condo in sunny St. George that you can run away to on a moment’s notice! Just say the word!) 🙂

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