38 years, and counting…

ONcE upon a time there was a very handsome man who was head over heels in love with this girl. She made him crazy. Little did the man know, the girl had another boyfriend. whoops. But eventually this girl came to her senses and dumped the other boyfriend. So when this man said I love you and asked her to be his bride, she said NO. But, when he asked the SECOND time she said YES.

This man is celebrating his birthday today. He is so sweet and all he asked for was to spend time with his family. So his family took him to Park City yesterday. Our first stop was to our favorite toy store of ever! This is the equivalent of Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium to our Family. The kids helped Dusty choose THREE presents for his birthday…a basketball hoop, Nerf horseshoes, and pick-up sticks!
Then we ate dinner at one of our families favorite restaurants Ruth’s Chris. Each kid made Daddy a card, so he was given FOUR cards! After our dinner we shared FIVE desserts! The berries and cream and banana pie is our favorites.
We stayed at the hotel Park City, and had our own village. It was so cozy! Last night Dusty, Kiana, and Sela got in the hot tub on our patio while Myla, and KJ played Lego’s! I was lost in a pile of magazines and catalogs… Dusty stayed up playing with the new toys and the kids, I loved sitting in the other room listening to how much fun they have together.

Today when we woke up {way too early=Sela}, there were SIX ducks floating outside our village.
We ordered room service for breakfast, and put a candle in Dusty’s breakfast. No lying, Myla and KJ lit that candle and had Daddy blow it out at least SEVEN times.By the way, 7 is one of the numbers Dusty wore in high school sports. He played baseball, basketball, and football. He also played football in college. Right now, he is #7 on his DirtyStars indoor soccer team. His nickname is Dirty- Given by Troy in college for reasons we won’t say. 🙂

We have sang, “Happy Birthday!” EIGHT times. Each time, Sela says “happy birthday, baby” instead of Daddy.

I would like to share some other things about this handsome, wonderful birthday man…

He wears a size NINE shoe. {and Ted Williams was #9.}

He played racquetball with some friends today. He learned from one of his dads who would spot him TEN points, and play with his left hand, and still beat him… He can probably do that to you now…

Dusty loves to take the kids to 7-ELEVEN for Slurpee’s. Their favorite flavor is pina colada and cherry.

Pro Look Sports was founded by Dusty soon after he dropped his plans of med school. He is currently the President and CEO. He has been in business for TWELVE years. He LOVES what he does.

Dusty was born on Friday, the THIRTEENTH. He shares his birthday with his niece Amber, Bjorn Trejo and Michael Bartold to name a few.

Dusty had an indoor soccer game, tonight. His team had a total of FOURTEEN personal fouls. The game ended in a tie 7-7, but we had 2 red cards, and 1 purple card. The game ended with an on field brawl. Don’t mess with Dusty’s friends, he’s loyal.

Lucy brought a delicious Tres Leche’ birthday cake for him – she is such a sweetheart!

On Dusty’s side of the closet, there are FIFTEEN pairs of tennis shoes. He has them in every color, he loves to be matchy-matchy.

When Dusty was SIXTEEN he ran away from home to his aunt’s house in Laguna Beach, California. At this time he drove a ’83 Pulsar turbo NX with a license plate that read “TOO HOTT.” Seriously.

At the age of SEVENTEEN, his parents gave him a ’88 {brand new} Acura. Do you think it was for good behavior? He wrecked it.

At EIGHTEEN years old Dusty attended one year of college at UNR. University Nevada Reno. He failed every class he took.

In NINETEEN-o-one Dusty’s life changed forever – before he was born. The Red Sox were established.

Dusty and I had our first date when I was nineteen. We got married three weeks after I turned TWENTY. I was so happy to be twenty!

TWENTY-ONE or black jack is one of Dusty’s favorite card games. He enjoys gambling/betting. He might even enjoy betting similar to ารบ slot online ฟรเครดต, I’ve heard their games are fun. While he’s been known to make use of an online casino or two, poker is his real game. But, Dusty enjoys gambling with just about everything, not just cards. I will only warn you once… If someone enjoys gambling, and is this ultra competitive they usually win. Do not squelch on a bet with him. I believe he doesn’t buy his own lunch a few times each week thanks to the likes of online double bonus poker!

Dusty is a Bond fan, James Bond. Tomorrow night we have plans to go to dinner and a movie with friends to see the twenty-second James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace.

Michael Jordan was #23, and Dusty’s is a fan. His favorite quote from M.J. is:
“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

Our third baby girl is TWENTY-FOUR months old. She is entering the age that is Dusty’s favorite. Dusty has always been the best help with our babies, he is so willing to do night feedings, change diapers, so much and although he doesn’t enjoy the newborn stage as much he loves toddlers. 2-3 year olds. Each time our baby is about 2 1/2 we start getting sad that this is our last little one, and we plan another… It’s going to take a LOT of will power to stop this time around.

Dusty was TWENTY-FIVE when we got married. His Mom didn’t think he would ever get married. He even had a “peppy-la pew” tattoo on his shoulder…always chasing the women! We planned one wedding and called it off. The second time around she bought us both new slippers so our feet wouldn’t get cold again…it worked.

When Dusty was TWENTY-SIX we lived in Seoul, South Korea. We taught English there for 20 months. During that time we also made trips to Japan, the Philippines, China, Thailand, New Zealand, and Australia.

Our first son was born on April TWENTY-SEVENTH. He is named after Dusty’s step-dad Kay and my Dad’s middle name Jay. Dusty was so happy to get his boy!

Dusty was also 27 when he graduated from SUU with a degree in Biolgoy, minor in Zoology.

Our first baby girl was born on February TWENTY-EIGHTH, and while I was in labor Dusty passed out in the bathroom with me! I had to hit the “emergency” button to get the nurses to give him smelling-salts and wake him up!

Our second baby girl was born on December TWENTY-NINTH 1999. We were totally trying to have the “Millennium” baby! Once my water started leaking, there was no waiting till the new year…I gave Dusty a hair cut before we left for the hospital.

Dusty lost THIRTY pounds during the time we lived in Korea. He did not like the food. He has spent the past 11 years trying to gain the weight back, I hate him for this.

Dusty might possibly have THIRTY-ONE pieces of Red Sox memorabilia in our basement.

Dusty and I love a good fountain drink. Usually Diet Coke, in a THIRTY-TWO ounce cup. Dusty adds the most interesting flavors to his Diet Coke, be careful if you’re taking a sip. You never know what the mixed flavor could be…orange/cola…banana/cola…

I am also thirty-two years old and on my next birthday I will be THIRTY-THREE. Every year Dusty is known to spoil me rotten on my birthday. He is great at remembering to give gifts, send flowers, leave cards hidden for me, and being a romantic. Very thoughtful.

It is 12:34 a.m. and I am still trying to get this blog post done!

Dusty prefers to get his hair done every THIRTY-FIVE days. Or in other words, every 5 weeks. He gets it dyed black and cut. He has the most perfect salt-n-pepper hair, yet he HATES the grey and chooses to dye it. bummer.

Dusty spends a minimum of THIRTY-SIX minutes a day snuggling, hugging, or loving his family. He’s very affectionate.

Dusty will read the first THIRTY-SEVEN pages of most books, but rarely finishes them.

Dusty turned THIRTY-EIGHT today. We hope you had a wonderful day with many many wonderful years to come.

{kisses and hugs from your 4 girls and 1 boy who are 100% in love with you!}


My adorable friend Jenn did a “100th” post similiar to this, and I adapted her idea for this post…thanks Jenn for the inspiration!

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  1. WOW!! That is awesome! I love all those things about Dusty. Looks like so much fun at Hotel Park City. We have never stayed there. Super cute Cards. I love how he Just adores his Family!
    Happy Birthday Dusty!! 38?! He is the oldest! haha

  2. Cute! And Happy BDay! Seriously two days ago, Kyle came in the office and said, “Casey just learned the lesson that I learned my first day at Pro Look–never bet Dusty–even if he spots you 9 goals in foose ball.” I believe the bet was for lunch! 🙂

  3. happy birthday dusty! what a fun post to learn more about him…such a cute family! i’m sad i missed the game last night…i’m going to have to get details!

  4. I love your tribute to your hubby. You are so creative! That would have taken me forever:) You guys are such a great couple. It’s always fun to learn more about your friends. And hey, there’s nothing better than ending your bday with a brawl;) Don’t mess with Dirty!

  5. Congratulations to KJ on his big win and Happy 38th Birthday Dusty!

    I can’t believe how quickly time passes. Could we all really be in our 30’s? I can still picture having lunch with you and Dusty in the cafeteria down at SUU and making the drive to the ranch for your wedding like it was yesterday. It goes so fast.

    The post turned out great. Good job, Jane! 🙂

  6. He can’t possibly be 38! He doesn’t look older than 25…seriously. Dusty is such an awesome dad and I love your post:)

  7. I love posts like this. It is always fun to learn little details about people.

    Happy B-Day Dusty. You have a beautiful family:)

  8. wow, what a super sweet post!

    however, i am totally protesting the fact that Dusty is 38 because that makes all of us way way older then I feel like we are.

    and major congrats on KJ’s big win! so so awesome.

  9. WOW!I loved this post and love Dusty! Happy Birthday, Old Man!
    I was going to yell at you for turning Dusty down the first time he asked you to marry him – were you crazy?! Then I read a little further that his college nick name was dirty and then realized that you were probably justified! hehe

  10. I think Cori means, “acts” not “looks”… He doesn’t act like he’s 38. 🙂 THAT’S THE TRUTH! Thanks everyone for the sweet comments… love ya all! Thanks baby… you never cease to amaze me!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday, Dirty-Dog! Looks like you had a great one! We just adore you and your sweet family to pieces and are so glad to have you in our lives! We have had some of our best times with you guys an dhope there will be many, many more!

    Great post, Janey! LOVE it! 🙂

  12. I loved going back in time like that–I’m not sure if I could do that for myself (how old was I when I graduated…)What you say is true and I’m not surprised he came running to Enrique’s defense at the soccer game. I have seen him first hand drop everything and run full speed when we needed help. He is such a loyal friend and we feel very lucky to have you guys in our life. Not to mention–Dusty makes bowling ten times more fun! Happy late B-day Dusty “TOO HOTT” Rhodes!

  13. I am soo bummed I was not there for his birthday soccer game! WOW I love this blog- mainly because Dusty, being one of my best friends, NEVER talks about himself and does not like anyone to shed light on his amazing personality/accomplishments. Dusty -the most thoughtful, generous, gracious, and fun persons you will ever meet. One attribute that I admire and rarely see in a person is that he assumes 100% of the time that no-one means anything they say or do that is ill natured; rather it is simply a byproduct of or chain reaction pertaining to other stresses in their lives. This assumption of the positive in any situation and or person is hands down my favorite of his personality traits. But I must admit it almost ties with his passion for fun in everything he does! Work, play, even church (on that rare occasions- he he) he makes everything more fun! However, you have to love his passionate defense, as displayed on the soccer field, for those he loves- he would do anything for his friends and family. I cannot believe a decade and a half of friendship and amazing experiences has gone by-I wish that I could put down words that really express how I feel about both of you– simply put, I just freaking love you guys!
    Troy Z. Blanchard

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