Jane’s personal favorites…from start to finish

If you are a Blondie, and want to keep the brass-ness out of your hair, I like my blond to be more white than yellow-looking, personal choice – use Aveda’s blue malva shampoo, it is a GREAT everyday shampoo –

When I need a little extra color hydration I use the blue malva conditioner, but I only recommend this about once a week or you could go purple…

I encourage Dusty to use the Black Malva shampoo, although, he doesn’t always abide by this… But, it really keeps your dye/color longer if you use a great color shampoo…

I love Biolage’s conditioning balm, even for everyday use because I put my strands to the test most days with the combination of bleach/color, blow-dry, flat-iron, curling iron, etc… my hair loves the moisture.

love, love, love this scrub. My favorite thing to do is to use an ENTIRE jar of this all-over body scrub pre-shaving. Then shave, and the results are so smooth, and my skin is ultra-hydrated.

True Blue Spa’s “Need a Margarita?” scrub – by Bath & Body Works

This is the creamiest, yummiest lotion EVER! Nothing compares.
C.O. Bigelow’s Lemon Hand & Body cream – by Bath & Body Works

This is my favorite body wash for my husband, it smells masculine and it a great moisturizing shower gel

Aromatherapy’s “Eucalyptus Spearmint” – by Bath & Body Works

I just started using this deodorant about 6 months ago, and l-o-v-e it, it smells heavenly. I wish I could send the scent out via blogger…but since I can’t, please take the chance to sniff this at your local department store –

Donna Karan, cashmere mist, Deodorant/anti-perspirant-

The following Estee Lauder products, I can actually say I have used for the past 10 years, wow. I have tried dozens of other competitors in that time, and continue to always come back to these.

I start and end my day with a face wash, I wish I could fall asleep with my make up on, to save the time and hassle but it’s just impossiblee. My favorite face wash is:

Sparkling Clean –

After my face wash I also moisture twice a day.
This is quite the habitual skin routine, but in the process of 3 steps I first use..

Perfectionist – this is liquid silk to the skin with amazing effects.

I follow this with one of the following depending on the season and how my skin is…

Resilience Lift Extreme – great wrinkle results.

Hydra-Bright, if I’ve had less sun exposure than I use this, and it gives a great healthy glow to my skin –

Lastly, I always use Clear Difference in my T-zone to combat oil control. This is probably one of my very favorite/can’t life without products. I’ve also used it on my upper back in the past if I’ve had any type of break-outs and it always clears it up immediately.

My FAVORITE make-up. I do not think I have a great complexion, but this powder mineral foundation makes it seem like I do. I do not love their entire make up line, but their foundation and blush can’t be beat! Plus, you can sleep in this if YOU can fall asleep with your make-up on!

i.d. Bare Escentuals –
the best mascara I have found so far, is Chanel’s inimitable in black –

I love the Mac counter, but my favorite product is their eyeliner and their fake eyelashes. When my girls perform for dance, they are usually required to use fake eyelashes and the Mac lashes have been the easiest ones to apply. Also, they sell a surgical glue that DOES NOT sting their eyes if it gets in them.

Last of the make-up, but not LEAST for me… Lipstick. Lipgloss. I am a lip girl. In my hand bag, I have a seperate little bag just for my traveling collection. I really don’t have ONE favorite, but if I had to narrow it down…I would say, I love Estee Lauder’s Plumwood {I have already been told it’s about to be discontinued, sniff-sniff}I also love another Mac product in this category, it is ALL of their Viva Glam’s – I, II, III, IV, V, VI…. VI is my favorite…After those two, I love all girly pink lipglosses, shine, shine, shine.

When my hair is wet, I always apply a little, Biosilk silk therapy, if I am leaving my natural wave’s, round brushing, flat-ironing or curling it keeps it silky and healthy feeling… Biosilk Silk Therapy –

Love this hairspray, for everyday use. Vavvoom-

As a veteran dance Momma, this is the BEST hairspray to use to get all-day curls in your girls hair. If you are using sponge curlers, take a 1-2″ section of DRY hair, spray the instant freeze hairspray up and down each side of the section, roll in the curler and either sleep with them in or wait just a few hours. If using a curling iron, take the same size section of hair, spray up and down, and curl. At dance competitions/performances, I always get asked what I used to curl my girls hair because if you try this hairspray, it’s gooey/sticky/mean stuff, the curls with be tight & bouncy for HOURS. Like 10 hours!
Aussie’s Instant Freeze –

When I am finished styling my hair, or my kids, I am likely to add some shine. {By the way, I LOVE doing my kids hair. Every morning. I easily could have chosen cosmetology school over business…but, doing my kids hair fills this void for me, I guess.} I have a brand new favorite shine spray {thank you, Talia!} called, “catwalk; Camera Ready” and this stuff is not messing around. It shines.

I love scents. Most people who know me, know this. I can actually have a bad experience with someone/somewhere just based on if it smelled bad. Crazy, I know. And, I have a husband who has a past-time of buying me perfume when he travels, so my collection is quite complete. As a family, we all adorn ourselves with perfume/cologne after each shower/bath. When my kids have friends sleep over, and they get ready here, I can always tell it’s a special treat to most of them when I spray them with perfume. My FAVORITE perfumes are…

Lolita Lempicka –

flower bomb –

Kenzo’s – Kenzo Amour-

my latest favorites are Hugo’s XX/XY for women/men. they are delicious!

A great everyday scent is Ralph Lauren Sport –

While I am talking scents, let me share my FAVORITE home fragrance. I have burned candles for years, used Bath & Body works wall flowers, room sprays, etc. etc. But, my latest greatest is The Body Shop’s oils. Especially for larger homes, you can light a little tea candle and have your ENTIRE home smelling good within minutes. My favorite oil is the Green tea
{Pretty cool, considering I am a HUGE Green tea fan} – I also love to mix it up a little and mix these two… (mmm) Sastuma –and Exotic –

That sums up most of it, if you have FAVORITE beauty supplies, please share!

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  1. Love love love blue malva from Aveda, and Flower bomb. Its the greatest parfume i own. Sadly i havent been getting aveda since i quit at the sanctuary, but since im blonde now i will have to get it again, and it smells awesome. Looks like we love the same stuff. Hope all is well. Love to see that your playing v-ball. Its my fav….

  2. Also, Flowers by kenzo is great, im sure youve sen it a nordy’s. It is wonderful!!! If you have not goten it, its awesome we sen to like the same scents. hehe

  3. I love your list of favorites . . . thanks for sharing! I too like Estee Lauder and I especially like their refillable eye & lip pencils. I put both on the same pencil (lip on one end & eye on the other) for less bulk in my makeup bag. I also love it because I don’t like the mess of sharpening.

  4. k… you so should have gone to Beauty School!! This is so up my Alley, i love all those and use most of them also. I love Conditioning balm by Matrix!
    One of my Favorites is “Bumble & Bumble” their line of Shampoo and Conditioner is to DIE FOR! Also they make a Wax that is Killer for Boys hair!

    I haven’t ever used the Estee Lauder wash but i am excited to try all of that now. I also LOVE Flowerbomb!

  5. Thanks for posting all of these Jane, I share a few of your favorites…but most I have never heard of so I am excited to give them a try!! Looks like you guys have been having a great and busy summer…I am so behind on checking blogs, we have been so busy!

  6. It’s been a while since I’ve checked out your blog. It is good to see your fav skin stuff…I swear I need all the help I can get with wrinkles. Also the cute little motercycles and camping looked so fun. And what a fun party at your house…you go girl!!!

  7. ok if you love perfume then you need to check out Jo Malone. I’m not sure who would carry it in Utah because I can only find it in their own stores or at Bloomingdales but their fragrances are silly good. The best part is that they are supposed to be layered over each other so you can really create you own signature scent.


    I also love love love Marc Jacobs. I think it smells the way cashmere feels if that makes sense-just really luxurious.

    And if you are ever in NYC/Boston/SF you have to try Sabon…when you go into the stores they have this big beautiful old fountain/sink thing and they make you wash your hands and try their body scrub. You can’t walk out without buying it because your hands feel just like silk. So so amazing.

  8. No wonder you are so g-g-gorgeous! That’s a ton of favorites! I can’t even remember what kind of deoderant I use. (Sheesh!)

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