kiana pic

myla pic

KJ pic

sela pic

a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.

kiana: this girl is adventurous. and will be lucky if she spends any days in twenty-thirteen not grounded.
myla: she has been working-working-working around the clock. including at her daddy’s company. she’s been saving (for months!) to buy all the parts she needs to build her own computer!
kj: earning his keep.
sela: turns seven in seven weeks. my baby will be seven!!!

3 responses to “31/52”

  1. Hi Jane!

    I really enjoy your blog! I love your new home and am curious about the design — what kind of wood is the cabinetry in the kitchen and floors? And the island/sink counter? I love that look and am thinking of something similar for our own busy family home!


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