2nd rehearsal in Salt Lake.

Kiana had her 1st rehearsal Monday, and it went really well. During the 2 hours I easily found a Barnes & Noble and made myself comfy with a book till it was time to pick her up. Tonight was her 2nd rehearsal and Dusty & I decided to get a sitter and go out to dinner while she was dancing. Scott & Susan met us at Ruth’s Chris, we even saw the Granums leaving when we arrived (catch you next time Granums. :-)). We are going to make the very best out of this whole driving to Salt Lake schedule, and plan on trying out lots of new restaurants. If anyone ever wants to join us, just let us know!!!
Myla does a few types of dance, but ballroom is definitely her favorite. Her partner is the adorable Ezra, and in the past year they have competed together in the Swing and Cha-cha. This year, they are also adding a Quickstep and Waltz, but in this picture they are gearing up to start a cha-cha. They practice every Friday as a couple, and this weekend I AM GOING TO MASTER the “you-tube” video thing so I can put video on my blog, but for now – here is a still picture of them today before we went to salt lake…

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  1. Cute picture of My and her partner, i love to watch the little kids do Ballroom!

    Don’t you have a Video clip button on your Post. That is how i upload my videos!
    We want in on some of those Hot dates up to Salt lake, so let us know when!!

  2. Hey! I’m so glad to see you joined the blogging world. I am addicted to. I could be on here for hours. That is so awesome that Kiana is going to be in the Nutcracker. Your little sela is not so little anymore. It’s crazy to think that our babies are one (yours almost 🙂 I’m going to be in town in a couple of weeks we all need to get together. I’m excited to check your blog all the time!

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