Nap time is over. Sela learned how to crawl out of her crib, today. She did it first with Grandma Pat babysitting then when I got home and tried to put her down I peaked in and watched her do it, quite successfully, 4 more times. She’s a strong little climber. The 3rd and 4Th time she caught me watching and she knew she was naughty – she got these belly laugh giggles hoping I would stop putting her back in the crib…
I now have a full time buddy to hang out with all day because I have no idea how to get her to nap without leaving her in her crib. I’m sure she’ll fall asleep while driving in the car around 5pm and she will set us on a whole new schedule of her staying up late. ugh.

by the way…my first 3 kids NEVER climbed out of their cribs… I have never used a tent, or any other form of forced naptime. 🙂 Bedtime tonight was interesting, she kept doing the same thing – climbing out, around 11pm, I finally rocked her for 35 minutes and then she was snoring. I’ll decide tomorrow, what to do!

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  1. I know this sounds funny but you could buy one of those mosquito looking tents that go over the cribs. My sisters have had to do that with their kids 🙂 They look kind of tacky but definitely worth it if they’ll nap!

  2. That stinks! I keep waiting for that to happen with Mayzie. I have always had to lay by Hallie and sing her to sleep, so she still takes naps. Mayzie doesn’t let me hold her when she is ready for bed so I will probably be in your same shoes here pretty quick.

  3. I echo the Granum Family. Nap time is gold! I would totally buy a crib tent. I think One Step Ahead sells them.

  4. Not excited to get to that point in our lives. Sorry. We just had to move Lilly’s crib down because she can stand up, it’s only a matter of time until she climbs out too! What did you do with the other kids?

  5. When Luke started climbing out of his crib I was so sad, but I just couldn’t give up on nap time so…we switched him to a bed and put one of those child proof door openers on the inside of his room. He hated it at first, but quickly gave in. Now I tuck him in and he usually gets out of bed to play for a minute, but then climbs right back up and goes to sleep.

    Eventually he figured out how to take that little saftey thing right off his door, but then we duct taped that sucker right back on! We’re awesome parents, I know. =)

    If you’re against mild forms child abuse then my vote would be for the tent!

  6. This is the very worst childhood milestone in my book. My 4 year old did the same thing at 2 years old. What was once a delightful child turned into a grouchy, tantrum throwing, 5 pm sleep in the car child too. We are barely getting to a stage where she is somewhat nice without a nap (it’s been a rough 2 years). All my prayers and wishes on lucky pennies are coming your way…

  7. It is so hard when they start giving up naps. They still need them and you are so right about falling asleep too late in the car! I hope you find a solution. I love the belly laugh giggles, what a cutie!!

  8. Oh no – I knew she was a climber when I saw those pictures of her up on your closet shelf!

    Brady can’t climb out but flat out refuses to sleep in his crib. He loves to sleep in the guestroom bed and will stay put if the door is shut. I have, however, found him watching TV in the middle of the night (Showgirls on VH1 to be exact)! I guess we just go with whatever crazy plan happens to work… until these little kiddos outsmart us again.

    Good luck and let us know what you come up with!

  9. maybe she is ready for a BIG girl Bed! Boston was in one at 18 months…Uhhhh my twins are still in Cribs. haha

  10. I’m in the same boat…stinks…
    (btw-your spring break looked way fun-who knew so much fun could be had right here in our own backyards?!)

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