Max & Cheese is Now Open in Orem.
[West side of State St. just past 1600North]

This toddler-friendly restaurant has a play area right in the middle of the restaurant so kids can play near your table while you’re waiting for your food, or during/after the meal.

It has a great selection of kids food and a separate menu for adults. I had the flat steak salad and it was surprisingly good.

Many of the tables have games laminated to them, so Kiana and I played “Chutes & Ladders” while waiting for our food and Myla & KJ played “checkers” while eating.

Sela loved the freedom of climbing up and down from her booster chair to eat and then running to play whenever she wanted.

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  1. I read about this place in the paper, looks so fun. Can we please get one in SLC now? What a fun Mom you are!

  2. I think I will bring my boys here for family night. Crew is getting impossible when we go out – just busy, busy, busy!

  3. OK – we just went here for family night. Cute for the kids (Crew’s age) but the food?!……

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